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  1. Hi everyone, episode 17 of the VGR Weekly Recap is now available on YouTube! This week, we discuss Death Stranding, rumours that Call of Duty 2020 could be a Black Ops reboot, and a new plan among publishers to reveal lootbox drop rates (along with its potential flaws), and even more! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the comments!
  2. Age of Wonders: Planetfall is now available - if you're thinking of picking it up, check out VGR's video delving into the game's stellar Commander Customisation system!
  3. Episode 16 of the VGR Weekly Recap podcast is now up on YouTube! This week, we discuss Ninja's exclusivity deal with Mixer, Borderlands 3 going gold, the disastrous E3 leak, and revelations about Rockstar North's shady decade-long tax evasion!
  4. Hi everyone, Episode 15 of the Weekly Recap is now up on YouTube! This week, Jacob and I discuss the GTA Online Diamond Casino update being banned in 50 countries, the pre-order design of Borderlands 3 vs. Cyberpunk 2077, the Fortnite World Championship, and more! Check it out!
  5. Hi everyone, If you haven't seen them yet, VGR recently released four short-form videos for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, put together by Jacob Smith, about the lore and each of the game's houses! If you're interested in Three Houses, please do check them out!
  6. Hi everyone, Kalypso Media was kind enough to provide VGR with an early-access code for Tropico 6 on Xbox One, which is coming out on the 27th of September. Check out our early-access gameplay video!
  7. The last of VGR's five E3 recap videos is now up on YouTube! This time, Jacob and I recap Nintendo's conference. Once again, apologies that the audio quality is a bit subpar this time - Jacob accidentally recorded on the wrong microphone for videos 4 and 5. It should be back to normal next time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwHsQ8hZ-tE
  8. Hi everyone, here's our recap and top 3 announcement picks for the Square Enix E3 conference! Apologies for the audio quality on this one, Jacob accidentally recorded with the wrong microphone and we didn't realise until after we'd finished!
  9. Hi everyone, episode 3 of VGR's 5-episode E3 recap series is now up on YouTube! Jacob and I recap all the major announcements from Bethesda's E3 2019 conference and pick what we each think are the top 3 announcements of the event. What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments below!
  10. Check out episode 2 of our 5-episode recap series! Our second video recaps the Ubisoft press conference, and Jacob and I choose our top 3 announcements from the event. I'll be posting the Bethesda video very shortly, while Square Enix and Nintendo should follow shortly after. What do you think of our picks for Top 3? Let us know in the comments!
  11. In lieu of a podcast this week, Jacob and I are recording and releasing a recap video including our Top 3 picks for most exciting announcements for all five of the major E3 conferences. The first is for Microsoft, and you can check it out below - the rest will be coming very soon! What do you think of our picks for Top 3? Would you have picked differently? Let us know in the comments!
  12. Check out our interview with Tymon Smektala, Lead Game Designer for Dying Light 2! https://www.vgr.com/dying-light-2-player-choice-build-ambitious-world/
  13. Just to address some points there: - Merchandising is a very different thing to in-game microtransactions (not to mention, likely handled by a totally different department at Bethesda), so that doesn't concern me at all looking to Elder Scrolls 6. Bethesda totally bungling their Fallout 76 merchandising didn't actually make the game itself any better or worse or affect its development. - I agree that Creation Club needs something of a redesign, but again, I'm not concerned about that at all looking ahead to Elder Scrolls 6. Mods are totally optional, and not official content. - While Fallout 76 was definitely not a huge success, Blades arguably was - even if players are unhappy, the game got over a million downloads and made over $500,000 in its first week alone. (https://www.vgr.com/elder-scrolls-blades-million-downloads-first-week/). That's a huge success by any metric. Whether they can sustain that success is another matter, but I suspect that they probably will - they've already made several changes based on player feedback. - Finally, I personally have no qualms with the Fallout 76 repair kits, and I agree with Bethesda that they don't constitute pay-to-win - here's an analysis of why (https://www.vgr.com/bethesda-pay-to-win-criticism-fallout-76-repair-kits/). I didn't see any widespread criticism of repair kits from people who were actually active players of the game, only from people on social media who jumped to conclusions due to misleading headlines. In fact, Bethesda promised to remove them if the kits were found to provide a tangible advantage.
  14. To be fair to Bethesda, the studio really isn't known for microtransactions. In fact, it's really only Fallout 76 and their mobile titles which have had microtransactions at all - prior to that, they had none. I don't think the mobile titles represent any sort of see change, that's pretty much to be expected from a mobile game, and I think the studio saw a hefty backlash to them in Fallout 76. Moreover, I think the biggest reason why they're in that game specifically is because it's an online multiplayer game. I'd be quite surprised to see them put microtransactions into a proper single-player title, especially since recent big games like God of War have shown they really aren't necessary for such games. Even if they did, I expect they'd be fairly minimal, and likely as a trade-off to paid DLC, as we saw with Fallout 76 - fund DLC development through microtransaction sales. That's not such a bad business model.
  15. Hi everyone! Jacob and I recorded a video comparing our top 5 E3 predictions which we're hoping to see over the next few days. If you're interested, please do check it out! Do you think they're likely to happen? What about other things you're hoping to see?
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