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  1. Real life in Fallout must be hell. No water, mutations, no depilator for women - nothing good. The best world seems to be the one from Larry. I played only in Larry 7 😉 I really like playing Trove, I love Trove world, if I only had the right items and some flux, I would live like a king in Trove :-)
  2. Rocket League on Steam (Earlier I bought Rocket League on PS4, but I ended up with PS + and I'm not going to buy it anymore). Especially that Rocket League was the only game I played on PS4. I'm a bit sorry for all my items and crates I've earned and what I bought so far. Neither items nor crates can be transferred from the platform to another platform. The only way is to sell all items from PS and buy what I'm interested in on PC. In any case, Rocket League is a great game, to the extent that I bought it twice (on PS4 and on PC)
  3. I played all Fallouts: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 2 Restoration Project, Fallout 2 Ressurection, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and can not wait for FO76. I was very happy to hear that FO76 will be a MMO RPG game - but I played the Beta version and there was nothing RPG. I have the impression that people so poorly assess the new Fallout because they look through the prism of previous Fallouts - singleplayer games. I am most interested in how Fallout will develop towards the MMO, how the trade will look like - whether the trade will be regulated or whether the players will have full freedom. What will the interaction between players look like and what shape will the new Fallout take. So I will buy a new Fallout 76, collect or buy some caps and move to the wastes! :-)
  4. Mostly I like Cassidy from Fallout 2. I also liked Sulik, generally Fallout had great NPCs. PoE Shaper - He is the strongest creature in my favorite PoE. I have already spent a lot of currency and used a lot of orbs to beat Shaper - it would be good to have him on the team.
  5. at this time it is still PUBG
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