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  1. 7 hours ago, skyfire said:

    You need people for the real life board games and also for online versions mostly being bots. I find it harder to get stuck on the board games. 

    What's wrong with playing against artificial intelligence (robots)? You can choose your own difficulty whether that's easy or hardcore - we can still stimulate our minds by doing this. Have you got a favourite board-game to play? 

  2. 7 hours ago, skyfire said:

    I think these days sticking to one genre forever is also boring. Trying out different things definitely helps out as well. 

    There's no harm in doing so. If you never try, you'll never know. It doesn't cost anything to try different genres, so what have you got to lose exactly? Have you got a favourite or do you generally do the same as me when playing computer games? 

  3. 6 hours ago, skyfire said:

    That happens with me espeically in games like COD and the PUBG. Most of those falls are harder to survive. It's kind of irritating that way. 

    I couldn't agree more. When you have found Legendary or Rare Weapondry in Battle Royale on Fortnite and then you die, this can be very annoying. This doesn't happen often to me or any other game but when it does, it's depressing.

  4. Minecraft ends the game if you resort to this, whether it's a hacked client or using cheat commands. Without a challenge, objective or some form of difficulty in any video game you play, there is no fun and you'll soon become bored of playing. You may gain temporary pleasure by "cheating" but it won't be long term.

  5. Probably Skylanders on the Nintendo Wii. Skylanders originally costing me £50.00 and each of the figures that I purchased cost me £5.00 each. I spent more on the Toys than I did on the video game itself. Physical Skylander Characters are required to unlock certain aspects of the game such as new levels and superhero powers. 

  6. Hi there, @invirtualities, I would love to take your survey although I can't as your questionnaire is closed. If you need any further survey participants for research purposes, please re-open the study and I'll be more than happy to share my opinions 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you. 

  7. Reading through this discussion, there are definitely some diverse gamers here which is fantastic to see. This is a difficult question to answer because all of my most favoured games are in a wide variety of genres. I couldn't pick one. FPS, Shooters and Battle Royale would be my Top three if I had to choose a selection. 

  8. In Fortnite, one of the most funniest and dumbest ways I can remember dieing was by fall damaged. After building some height, I decided to jump - although I forgot they removed Gliders in their most recent chapter update. Believe it or not, I was in the Top 10 aswell...

  9. Words for Friends is an excellent puzzle gaming which I would recommend. This puzzle is very much similar to a classic game of Scrabble.  It's fun to play with friends, family and colleagues and the best part? You can play with anyone, anywhere in the world. Let me know what you think of WWF! 



  10. With all fairness, if my experiences serves me right, the only games I've ever played are Mario Kart and this was on the Wii. Mario Kart is by far, my favourite Kart Game. It's a classic and it's simplicity is superb. This video game brings back good, old gaming memories 🙂

  11. Are there any retro-style PC Games that you really want to play again but can't due to compatibility problems? If so, what are the names of these titles? When was the last time you played the video game? For example, your computer may not be "compatible" because your running on the latest operating system and the video game was designed for an older OS. 

  12. At one time, Minecraft did. At the age of 7-8, this is when I first started to play the sandbox video game. My first ever day in Minecraft was awful, I collected Dirt to build a house. When night came, I heard a Zombie and I jumped out of my chair and this defintely gave me a fright. This is an embrassing gaming story to share with the VGR Community! 

  13. Every now and then I'll return for a gaming session in Minecraft. A few years ago, believe it or not, Minecraft was one of my favourite games. This isn't to say I don't like it, but it's something I don't really play anymore. Minecraft is just like any-other classic-old game, it's nice to play it once in a while. Brings back the good memories of my childhood. 

  14. It's a stressful situation when this occurs whilst playing mid-game. Personally, the best strategy to deal with this would be to take a deep breath, in through the noise and out through the mouth and try to relax.  Try then to self-diagnose the problem, the internet is your friend. You could look at their support forum and see if other users have experienced similar problems or ask the community yourself for help, support and advice.

  15. Probably something like Grand Theft Auto Five. It would take many years to develop along with a enhanced team of video game developers. My idea would be to re-create planet earth and have the world as the map. The new video game would have to be unusual otherwise I could risk being sued by Rockstar. I would have to think of a unique name too. 

  16. I believe that you won't be disappointed with several of the classic retro-style video games from the Nintendo Wii. The Wii publicly launched in 2006, that's 16 years ago now. My favourites at the time were Mario Kart, Skylanders, Wi-Fit, and Just Dance on Nintendo Wii. All of these titles bring back some amazing memories... 

  17. Who else here uses Epic Games as one of their online marketplaces to download video games? What video games have you downloaded from this program? How much have you spent? Do you think the prices are reasonable? 

  18. It'd be very difficult for someone like me to decide. I understand if I'd been in a tough situation, I would just take all the money and be willing to give up video games for good, but without a doubt it would be a tough thing to do. I'm unsure that this situation will ever occur, though. 

  19. My favourite video game keeps changing - there is so only so long you can play before it becomes boring! Mine is Fortnite and it's been my favoured since the start of this year, 2020.  I really like the strategy in the Battle Royale version. My technique is to avoid landing in popular places and listen closely for any footsteps. My noise cancelling bluetooth headphones definitely enhances the in-game audio which is a huge advantage. 

  20. A couple of years ago, the decision was made to get rid of my old Xbox 360 because I didn't think I was going to play anymore video games, anytime soon. I like any old-gaming platform to be safely kept until I get round to selling it. As a gamer, I buy and sell using CeX- We Buy

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