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  1. No. I have never bought books based on video games. I don't like reading, I find it very boring and could not think of anything worse to do. Gaming is much more fun and engages me more.
  2. I wouldn't want to undertake any gaming challenges that could put my health at risk, that includes 24 hour or more gaming achievements. Our health is more important and we need to take care of it. Everything in moderation is okay, and this includes in gaming.
  3. Multiple endings as an idea are fine. However, as a gamer myself, I am very curious. If I picked one option, I always look back and think what would of happened if I choose the other and vise versa. Nonetheless, I love video games that give gamers the chance to use their initiative.
  4. A video game can serve many purposes, and it really depends on the person for which purpose it serves. For me, games are a form of escapism to relax and unwind from a hard days work or studying. I play computer games for solely entertainment reasons.
  5. Playing video games in class, while trying not to get caught can be a challenge. Although, it's finding balance to ensure that you learn and not put you're education/career at risk. What titles did you play though?
  6. There are two types of gamers - the night owl's and early birds. Which one are you? I'm definitely the night owl, and prefer gaming throughout the night as there is nothing worse than getting out of bed and then playing computer games first thing in the morning.
  7. If you could travel to the future or past to experience gaming, which would you pick and why? Are you more of a retro or modern gamer? If you want to travel to the future, how would you imagine the gaming industry?
  8. Have you ever fallen asleep with the lights on? What was it like? Did you get a good sleep when that happened or no? Did it take you a long time to fall asleep with the lights on? I can never fall asleep with the lights on. It's impossible for me to do so. I need it to be complete darkness for me to sleep.
  9. Sounds awesome! I've always been a Rockstar / GTA fanboy. Have you got any pictures of the t-shirt that you could share with the community? Paying 4$ for a tshirt is quite good value for money!
  10. I have done this a handful of times. I remember doing it once when I was caught by a teacher. It's trying to hide the device underneath the desk, while ensuring the tutor doesn't notice you.
  11. No harm in voting, so I decided to leave a vote with my contact details. I would love to see video game developers launch finished games without the need for advertising micro transactions in a shop. Why do we have to pay for extras, once we've already bought the title? It doesn't make sense.
  12. Going out for a walk for 30 minutes is what health professionals recommend. I try to fit in atleast 30 minutes a day, whether that's walking to the shops and back, or going for a bike ride. It is weather dependent though.
  13. The last video game that I played was called Tetris. I love playing Retro Games but I miss the days of Arcades being open, the lockdown in England doesn't help this! I was playing the online flash version.
  14. Did you lose any data or game progress? I'm guessing you were playing online so nothing much happened besides a drop in the internet connection? It makes my heart race when things like this happen.
  15. Alexander.


    I know that it's legal in the UK for medical use. GP's can prescribe marijuana for certain conditions that can be treated with this remedy. Do you think it will ever be legal in England for recreational use?
  16. Conspiracy theories are not really interesting to me, because there is no scientific evidence behind any of the thoughts. The one that I find most amusing is that COVID 19 is a Biological weapon. I'm finding this hard to believe.
  17. Quarantine has been positive for me. It's always good to try and turn a negative into a positive. I've improved my cooking skills, devoted more time on my YouTube channel and website, and learned how to communicate virtually with people with technology.
  18. The fact that I need to pay my bills and debt won't pay itself. Although there isn't the sole reason for me getting out of bed, the other half rests within spending time with loved ones, friends, and socialising with others. It's a bit of both.
  19. Hello everybody! I received my COVID-19 vaccine yesterday and today I sure felt rough but I'm thinking it's a sign that the immune system is reacting correctly. How is everybody else doing today?
  20. The last played 2D game was Pacman. It's one of those that really took me back to the Retro Gaming years. It's a real shame that lockdowns around the world have forced Arcades to closed. Arcades are the best platforms.
  21. Mine would probably be Fornite. It's free, easy to play and very addictive. I've lost count of the amount of hours I've been playing, it's game after game I think to myself "one more and I'll get battle royal"
  22. My favourite games for exploring? It would probably have to be Skyrim. The map is so big that it would take a player days on end to cover the whole area. The graphics are 3D, detailed and look really realistic compared to real life.
  23. My best gaming memory was as a Child. It was spending countless Friday afternoon's playing Minecraft in School, during my lunch hour. There was a Minecraft Club with about 30 other students, and this is what originally got me into the game as a kid. One of the best memories.
  24. One game that I really liked as a child but ended up hating as a young adult, would probably be Minecraft. It's not the game itself. It's the countless hours I've spent playing which concludes this decision.
  25. Which video games do you feel have fast beginnings? Do you feel that the game in question was too fast and could of done with being slower? Having a start of a video game that is to quick can create a lack of understanding of the plot line.
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