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  1. Well, a game that i play , KIlling Floor 2 , always have a christmas event ( among other special events, like halloween )
  2. Consoles only the PS1 , the 1st, bought it before i have my PC . Dont use it much now, kinda rare but is still handy sometimes
  3. Shadow Warrior from the Developer Flying Wild Hog. For a shooter which is a reboot of a old school FPS have a really really great story and a sad ending. Totally unexpected. Awesome game by the way
  4. Last game single player was Kings Bounty: Dark Side . Is kinda like Heroes of Might and Magic without the constructions. I like it much more than Heroes Now i don't know what single player to play next. Maybe Ghost 1.0 Multiplayer have been Killing Floor 2. Maybe start playing a bit of Street Fighter V too but need to check if not gonna lag , my PC is a core Duo ( SF V single player runs fine )
  5. Braids

    Hi All

    Hi Read about this forum in another forum , checked, liked it and so here i am I'm from Portugal and a PC Gamer.
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