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  1. Jesus once said that blessed are those who believe even if they had not seen. This is probably the best line that we can have re faith. Faith in God whom we have not seen and yet loving him with all our being. Why? Because God is all good, all loving and for these alone, our existence becomes meaningful.
  2. Believing in God already assumes that there is a God. Otherwise why believe in something that does not exist? Maybe the better question is: How is it to believe or not to believe in a God? In this way our experiences come in, at least our religious experiences as some theologians or philosophers would call it.
  3. I'd prefer both watching and doing.
  4. As part of a scientific program the mars exploration makes sense. But overall , it just doesn't. Earth has just too many problems to handle that makes Mars too far out.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQcAiyZOpsY I\m listening to an old fav but a new remake: Sonora as saxed by Rangell
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