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  1. mont86

    Discord ????

    That's probably good advice.. I don't do much social media. Kinda found what I was looking for, not sure if it's worth it.
  2. mont86

    Discord ????

    Thanks Shagger, been messing with iy and your right .. The link opens the app then the invite.. I don't have app onmy ogone linked to youtube yet.. So discord wanted me to start a new account.
  3. mont86

    Discord ????

    When I click on their link and tab opens on the PC but screen is blank.. I'm not sure what it means. I did download discord on fone, but it keeps asking for their tag number.. If that helps.. Guess not many here use discord ?
  4. How do I find a gamer that streams on youtube on Discord ? Thanks..
  5. I started shooting animals.. hahah I feel evil now I guess.
  6. I like FPS games, but don't go out of my way to shoot anything besides the villains … Stacy good question by the way..
  7. mont86

    Last Game Played

    Either GR are the longest.. COD WW11 is the next , Couldn't get into Sam Fisher ,,,, forget the name of it..
  8. LOL to the answers.. Getting it by car while crossing the road while I was sneaking..
  9. Have you ever played online Stacy ? I kinda wanna try it .. but have to admit I'm just as happy offline..
  10. Only played single so far.. Not sure how to do PvP.. Plus I like playing at my own pace...
  11. How long do controllers usually last ? I know everybody is different in the amount of use.
  12. Years ago for Nintendo and super Nintendo I would grind it out.. And after non playing for 20 years and back into fps games , these new games are so expansive, that I like to get ahead of the curve.. Also want to add that gaming is a great way to stay engaged and watch a monitor.. LOL I know I didn't really answer the question, but I wanted to have a responsed.
  13. There is a new sniper game coming out that I'm interested in.. I've been playing new GR a lot so yeah maybe.
  14. Nothing special for chairs or monitors.. Yet, but funny you ask , I've been looking at chairs and monitors lately.... Been playing more heading into the winter months.. Prices add up fast , I know that...
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