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  1. 5 big mac's... plus fries. My hat off to Blackangel .. That's a lot.
  2. Use to be all meat type , but now sausage is to my liking.
  3. escargot is a good answer.. I don't eat much sea food and don't really have fresh sea food available.. so sea food. Lobster and scallops
  4. egg cheese and ham.. I have been going to subway and getting a breakfast sub with onions, peppers and pickles .. Pretty good.
  5. 1 snicker 2 reese's 3 kitkat
  6. How long ago was that?? That is way to sensitive ..
  7. Heard they are making another Coming to America..
  8. Reading a lot about recycling has come to a stand still and renewable coming to a stand still.. What are your thoughts?
  9. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Cool weather here.. Working...
  10. mont86

    Ask DC

    What's your favorite soup ?
  11. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Working the weekend, but nicer weather so getting outside a lot more.
  12. Young Eddie Murphy... John Pinette… Richard Pryer… Older Larry the Cable guy
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