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  1. Immediate family.. Always stumbling over someone.
  2. On twitch, sight and sounds for relaxation I think... ???? I'm watching someone eating crunchy food.. Unreal.... A lot of different streaming available.
  3. Nine kids in my family.
  4. mont86


    There is a online app I've practiced with, but haven't really pushed myself lately..
  5. Plus I'm not even sure I know what to do.. hahaha
  6. As far as streaming goes, I've noticed a lot of streamers don't have many followers .. But like the old days of ham radio, they do for the fun of it.
  7. I switched to rechargeable batteries for convenience ..
  8. User name is mont86.. I was thinking gaming name when I started my xbox.. Not sure which one the op was asking about..
  9. No I wouldn't have the time or patience anymore... or the knowledge...
  10. SO YES I HAVE.. lol... Resold that stuff
  11. No I haven't, I'd say more buyers remorse and I kept it or exchanged it for what I want.
  12. I feel so old saying this , but I think most kids are too young for most video games. But as a kid I would have loved to have these games to play.
  13. I wonder if the channel gets a cut of the subscriptions to the streamers ?
  14. Yeah that sounds like pretty bad taste to me.
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