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  1. It's a new world with all the media available to everyone.. And it's instant instead of having to write a letter to the editor .. It gives everybody a voice instantly .. Yeah and everyone is butt hurt these days . But everyone is different and that's what makes the world go around.
  2. Old super Nintendo contra and super contra.. But getting the hours ghost recon now.
  3. mont86

    How often do you charge your phone?

    Charge mine every other day, but I don't play games on it.. Just surf the web
  4. mont86

    Physical Movement Games

    So far I haven't used motion games .. Don't really have a room now for the set up.. And in the summer I'd have to say being outside is my movement game.. Mowing and snow removal..
  5. mont86

    Worst and Best Gaming controller ?

    How do you judge your controllers? Set up or response time of the buttons ?
  6. mont86

    Microtransactions done right?

    How expensive is it to purchase upgrades for lack of a better description.
  7. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Working midnight to 8 am shift. How about you?
  8. I think studies can be swayed to whatever researchers want. What do you think ?
  9. mont86

    Contactless Payments

    Never us it.
  10. mont86

    What's your favorite food ? Or meal?

    Doesn't sound like you miss it either.. lol I do like Mexican also..
  11. mont86

    Gaming in the dark

    I take regular breaks and it's a xbox so I have the hand controller.. No health problems yet , but I get shot a lot.. lol
  12. mont86

    Do you like video games?

    Single player for now.. I'd have to improve to go coop.. Love the graphics and story line for what I've seen so far.
  13. mont86

    What email service do you use?

    Nothing special about Gmail, just happened to be the one I get all my emails to. Pinterest does send too much stuff to it now.
  14. mont86

    How much money do you spend on Gaming

    300.00 just getting into it. Going to get a new controller with rechargeable batteries. So what ever that cost.