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  1. Awww, I'd like to meet and play with you too! We are indeed on the same wavelength I think. I know I've been absent. I haven't been gaming for a while., except for The Sims 4. That's why I've not been here. Generally sometimes I play a lot, sometimes not so much. Other hobbies take my time too and I'm an artist, so I spend a lot of time drawing and painting. But I still exist 😀
  2. I agree, they could definitely have more dialog. After a while whenever Lydia said "I'm sworn to carry your burdens" I wanted to punch the screen!
  3. Commander Keen 4, back when I was a little girl.
  4. Obviously Skyrim can be played for an endless number of hours basically, and has hundreds of side quests, but I would have loved for the main quest line to be longer. If you're goal oriented you can play through that pretty fast. And I wasn't good at pacing myself (being responsible for saving the world is serious business and must be completed 😄 ).
  5. @StaceyPowers Not having played very many games I'm not sure exactly how to answer this, but of the games I've played or seen video of, I'd say I'd like my RL world to look as pretty, grand and warm as Assassins Creed Odyssey. It would give an extra punch to the historical places and old buildings around. It's like reality, just prettier and more impressive.
  6. It will be Fallout New Vegas as per recommendation of @StaceyPowers
  7. I don't, but I'll consider putting something up.
  8. Isn't it a problem to have Serana as a follower if you want to side with the Dawnguard? Being as she's a vampire (I've just read a bit about her)
  9. You make cards and other things out of parchment paper. Parchment paper has some unique properties, like it's semi transparent, but when you rub on it with embossing tools it goes solid white. You can also poke lots of little holes in it and it won't come apart. Then you can cut between the holes to make patterns. And you can paint or draw on it.
  10. Sounds like a good way of channeling what goes on inside you.
  11. I draw and paint, and I do parchment craft. All things that relax my brain and focuses my energy on something positive and enjoyable. Just like gaming does.
  12. Thank you for always wanting to include the noob! 🙂 I really get more invested the more I play the game. The more I get to know the character and the more I see the story unfold and the more I'm entertained by it basically. Take Skyrim. The storyline is good, but what's really gotten me invested is getting to know the amazing world more and more as time has passed. With Left4dead, as far as I remember, I got invested because the game is just hilarious (and I was playing it with a great friend - whi I unfortunately don't have him anymore). The Sims I get invested the more I develop the characters, which takes time. As far as I can remember I never really got invested in Borderlands or Portal 2, but I also only played them shortly, so long ago I don't actually remember what the games were like. So yeah, a combination of time, commitment, entertainment and story.
  13. What sort of work/activities do you find less rewarding than you would like it to be?
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