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  1. I don't have any wish to dive into the dark web either. I'm not interested in anything criminal, and the surface web provides all the knowledge I need, so I don't see the point. Not that I know much about it. I'm a saint! 😄
  2. When I'm too depressed to do or enjoy anything, that tends to include games too. Sometimes I can just sit and stare into space, feeling miserable, while even the smallest activity feels like a impossible, Herculean effort. So that's game breaking and no fun. When I'm anxious I can't play games that require a certain level of tension, Adrenalin, fast reaction speeds or requires a good overview of a situation. F.eks. games that require fighting. That's when calming activities such as drawing or reading are better. I also just have multiple hobbies, so sometimes I'm simply more in the mood for another of them than for gaming.
  3. Sorry you're not feeling well Stacey, I hope it gets better soon. I don't tend to play games when I'm feeling like this. I tend to draw or read or watch TV. If I do play a game it tends to just be whatever I've been playing at the moment anyway. Or The Sims 4. Comfort in the familiar.
  4. I always find it quite funny how much stuff the characters can carry. It's especially prominent in The Sims, where there's no limit to how much Sims can carry around in their pockets, including bicycles and other such big things. In fact they don't even need to have pockets. And you don't see them carry it, it's just gone. But characters in most other games, even with limits to their inventory weight, can carry more than humanly possible, without being hindered in their ability to move or such. But I don't mind it, in fact I'd find it annoying to have inventory kept to the weight a human could carry around. You wouldn't be able to pick much up.
  5. I'm no help with this. I normally carry all the health potions I find. I find that's not what's taking up my inventory space, that's taken up by all the shit I figure I can sell well, keep as trophies or use for smithing.
  6. I just play PC because that's what I'm used to really. And since all my games are for PC and I like controlling it with mouse and keyboard, I don't see the need for a console (I'm shit with a console controller, but I'm sure that's just because I've only tried it a few times. I'm much faster and more precise with a mouse and keyboard). It's also my impression that the choice in games is more limited than for PC. I also have the impression that you need multiple consoles and that you need to buy new ones more often than a gaming PC, to get to play every game you want. Meanwhile most games are released for PC. I also don't have a proper TV and I'd have to rearrange my livingroom in order to sit near it, but surely they can be hooked up to a computer screen. Anyway, these are the reasons I stick with my PC. For now at least. It's my impression that there's advantages and disadvantages to both and that the PC era might be coming to an end, with consoles growing in popularity. There must be a good reason why they're so popular that I just don't know about.
  7. I haven't had any consoles, but I figure I'd treat them the way I do a PC. I just bought my second ever gaming PC last month (still so excited!), and I don't think the old one, despite being ten years old, is being tossed anytime soon. It still works well and can play a bunch of older games I like, so it's nice to have as a backup. So for now, it's staying with me. If I get tired of how much space it takes up I'll give it away. Too old to sell.
  8. I haven't been using the clear skies either when not needing it. But you're right, large parts of the map have rather dark weather. I guess I tend to return to the sunnier areas a lot. I feel more relaxed in the sunshine. 🙂
  9. I've been playing Planet Zoo. It's a dream game for me. A modern successor to Zoo Tycoon and an even better game.
  10. Spore. I think the basic idea could have turned into something good, but the game very much didn't work for me. I found it pointless and boring. I haven't actually played Minecraft, but that's because it looked so far from something I enjoy, despite me usually loving building things in games. But then, I'm a sucker for impressive graphics.
  11. I bought myself a big present, with money I got as a gift from my parents (they usually give my sisters and I some money at the end of the year). A new gaming PC (stationary). So now I can play all the new games I want. I took advantage of Black Friday and got the computer I wanted with a good discount. I also bought a couple of awesome games to play on my new rig, that my 10 years old one couldn't even remotely handle. Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  12. I think it's a hard question too. I'm a complete sucker. Even though EA charges waaaaaay too much for DLC for The Sims 4 I still buy the stuff. I don't see myself buying a game where microtransactions are required for gameplay, but I can't say for sure. What I can do is support companies that (seemingly) deserve it by buying their games (if the game is something I might enjoy playing). Like Frontier (who have produced Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster, two games I've happily bought). They are however still a small business, I don't know if that makes it easier to do right by the customers, listen to the players, put out bug fixes in no time etc. It might take shady stuff to become an industry giant. I've bought The Witcher 3 too, but didn't know about the controversy. However, had I known, I'd still probably have bought the game anyway. The game looked too awesome to pass on! At least I bought it with a 70% discount.
  13. I'm a Skyrim hoarder too! In the very beginning, until I get a house for storage and a companion to carry shit I tend to have a full inventory and then drop the least important/heaviest whenever I fill up completely. Come to think of it I almost always do that, since I bring the valuable loot I can carry. I usually have the set of armor I'm wearing, two dual hand weapons (I tend to specialize in two hand weapons, so I have the one I use and a backup), a bow and arrows, magic robes, jewelry for enhancing various things, all the healing potions and lock picks I've found and some magica potions. Then there are the things I carry until I can use or store it, like stuff I've picked up for selling when I need money, ore when I've just mined, dragon bones and scales when I've just slain a dragon (to use for dragon armor). Sometimes I also have two one hand weapons, for dual wielding, or one and a shield (not sure why I bring these things, I almost never need them). On top of that I carry the most valuable loot, to sell or store for later use. My houses tend to hold a lot of stuff!
  14. That's funny! Sounds like you used suspect means to reach positive goals. I'm sure I've dreamt game related stuff before, but nothing I can remember.
  15. Thank you for the nominations. I appreciate it! I I'm not too late I nominate @StaceyPowers , @Shagger and @kingpotato.
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