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  1. DA4 will still come out in some form, but not for a good long while. Something needs to change over there though. Bioware has been striking out since ME3
  2. A proper Silent Hill remaster would be great Also, not bringing the MGS collection to current-gen consoles is a damn tragedy
  3. Yeah Anthem is dead in the water right now. The best move would be to hunker down like Hello Games did with No Man's Sky, and attempt a relaunch in about a year's time There will certainly never be an Anthem 2 though.
  4. I'd say not really 4K streaming isn't quite even with playing off a disc, but it's close enough, especially with the right setup
  5. There's a ton of hate for Dead Space 3, and coming off of the first two I kinda get it, but taken as it is, a co-op action horror shooter, it's a damn good time. It achieved what Capcom failed to do with RE6. I really dug the weapon customization system. My brother and I running around with Rocket Launchers tied to grenade launchers never got old.
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