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  1. Could we have a moderator remove this post? He's posted this in the 'news' section incorrectly 😛
  2. List here your favourite mobile games. Any genres you want. I will try out EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I'm going to then use this list to make some recommendations for people on this forum as well as some other forums as to which mobile games to play. There are 3 rules: 1, The game must be free to install. 2. You're only allowed to recommend a maximum of 3. If you recommend more than 3 I'll only play the first 3 on your list. 3. Please also mention what genre the game is next to each game you post. E.g. [GAME NAME] [GENRE] Bare in mind that it's always good to take a look at what other people have posted as I will only play a game once. Let the recommendations begin!
  3. I used to play Bad Company 2 on Xbox 360. I loved it. I was also very good. I knew the maps, the positions, what classes to play and when. Now when I play Battlefield 5 on the PC, I feel like I'm an average player and not as good as I was on Xbox 360. Whilst I still enjoy BF5, I also enjoy it less than I did compared to when I played Bad Company 2 (assumably partially because it's less 'new' of an experience as I've played multiple FPS games, and partially because I'm not doing as good). I'm constantly wondering as to whether I got worse with age, or if I was better because I played on Xbox 360 and it's easier to aim on Xbox 360. Do you guys ever wonder these sorts of things? If so, share, I'd like to hear.
  4. Completely get that yeah. Skyrim has fun combat and it's interesting but it's slot. Fast paced action hack n slash style with a bunch of effects is always a winner to me
  5. Hi all, I'm new here 🙂 Thought I'd ask an interesting question. If you could combine certain features of 2 games together, what would they be and what would you make? Now I guess I better start. I'd make a Witcher 3 MMORPG by combining the story, characters, and world of Witcher 3 with Black Desert Online, which has a really good combat system, graphics, and is a decent all around good MMO in my opinion (apart from the upgrade system).
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