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  1. Hello everybody. I'm sure everyone wants to get free gift cards. But the question is how? I searched for a long time on the Internet :). So please evaluate what I will tell you now. There are not many sites or applications that give out free gift cards. And the ones I found were difficult and incomprehensible to use. I almost stopped searching. But my attention was drawn to one site g2troll.com , where you get coins when you add game deals. These coins can be exchanged for gift cards Steam. The course is as follows: 200 coins - Steam Gift card 5 euros
  2. I started using sites that compare the price of games. There are several such sites. For example dlcompare and g2troll . My favorite is g2troll.com . There for my simple actions I received a gift card Steam for 5 euros. And it's really cool
  3. Everyone here is probably waiting for the release of new games such as cyberpunk. But not everyone can afford to buy them. They cost a lot. Tell us where you buy the games at good prices
  4. Hi I totally agree with you. I think console subscriptions cost a lot. And it's not always worth the money to buy them. But well I guess you have to do this if you want to play online ... The only advice I can give you is to try to look for deals, there's websites where community post deals from around the world and you can see if there is an offer. Personally I use g2troll.com because you can vote for deals so you can see only those which are the best and they give some points for voting that you can exchange them later for free giftcards (for example steam 5 euros). However there is more web
  5. Hello for my favorite Card Game is Hearthstone
  6. I do not know. But it's hard for me to call it racing. For me, real racing is an example Forza
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