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Epic Games: Free Games with Epic Update Thread

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A quick note on the upcoming games. I was sure I had played Jotun: Valhalla Edition on Epic Games before. So I had a look at my liberty and, would you believe it, the game is already in my library.

The latest snip I took from EGS;




And a snip of my library on EGS. And no, I didn't buy the game, I'd remember that. The only reason it would be here is if it had been offered up before as a free game;




What the hell Epic? Did you run out of games or something? Don't et me wrong, it's not that big of a deal, I'm not one to bite the hand that feeds, but I'm just a little concerned that Epic are not being 100% honest here.

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The free games have been good recently, but there's a bit of a trend starting to happen that I don't like.




For this week and next week, DLC packs for games that look like FTP mobile trash that apparently cost $100+ to buy are being offered instead of games. I don't see that value in this at all. The only reason these "packages" are so expensive is because that's what the greedy ass publishers behind these games decided to charge, there is no way they are worth that much to anyone I hope this is not what we'll typically see with this going forward. I understand they're not gonna come through with a big AAA heavyweight every time, but this pretty poor. Hopefully Wonder Boy and Tannenberg will pick up the slack.

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It appears Epic have moved into thier festive period when it come to free games. Thus, this thread will for updated once every 24 hours as that is the time limit to claim free games. If you have an Epic Games account, claim these games as soon as possible to avoid loosing out.

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