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  1. I think it's definitely changed the experience, and they probably depend on superhero and other big action movies even more. At some point you'll probably only be able to see indie movies on streaming.
  2. The LOTR films are magnificent. I did not enjoy The Hobbit films.
  3. Not all video games are art, but many video games can be and are art. I can't look at a game like Braid and not call that a masterwork.
  4. Are you more likely to be tougher on a game if it's buggy/broken or boring? Obviously, if a game so broken that it's fully unplayable, you can't know if it's boring or not. If the game is deeply boring, but otherwise competently made, that's still a waste of your time. There's definitely a range where a game can have broken features and elements, but still be playable and maybe even fun. So, within that range, what's the worse crime? Boring or broken?
  5. That looks really beautiful. I can't wait to play it. BoTW is my favorite games to waste copious amounts of time in.
  6. I'll throw Batman Beyond for the PS1 in the mix as a contender. It's been years since I've played it and I still remember it as absolutely awful.
  7. Thanks for keeping this thread going. It's always tough to remember to check in on Epic. I'm in Steam way more often. Even though Epic has some really choice games available.
  8. RIght now I'm gaming either on the PC or Switch way more than anything else. But the backlog of games I have demands that I eventually pick up the older consoles and handhelds again. How else am I ever going to beat Power Rangers on the original Gameboy?
  9. That's pretty chill. Hadn't heard that song before. Someone recently introduced me to Beverly Crusher and I am digging their sound.
  10. I played it recently for a review I was writing. Have you played it? What did you think? I enjoy the game even though it doesn't have as much depth as other building sims. It's softer/blurrier on the Switch, which is expected. I had issues with the UI being so small on the tiny Switch screen, even though it's fine on TV. I didn't have any lag issues. But I was pretty annoyed with the joystick drift, which is more of a Switch problem than a game problem.
  11. I think I saw it for less than $20 on the PS4 on Amazon. My time to strike is soon.
  12. I don't have any specific trigger subjects. Nothing NSFW, of course. Beyond that, I may not know until I hear the question. I will take questions asked in stride and be chill about it, but am allowed to politely decline or answer diplomatically/vaguely if I feel the question far too personal, legitimately makes me uncomfortable, or I feel will affect my relationship with any place of employment past, present or future. I think that's fair.
  13. I've got one more for the list. In Dragon Quest Builders 1, there's a hidden quest, a monster in the final chapter that you can invite to Tantegel. Official guides say it can be found in one of the caves of the swampy region. Brush up against the wall, and a speech bubble will appear. Break that wall, and you'll meet Androo the Drohl. But it wasn't there. More research said it could actually be in any cave in either mountain range on the island. So, like a dummy I searched all the caves, multiple times, for more hours than was worth it. In frustration, I whipped out my magic cannon and started unleashing my wrath upon the mountain ranges. It turns out that Androo was actually in the mountain almost straight ahead of the red teleportal you arrive through, but the game had generated that cave with no entrance at all. Deeply frustrating and a waste of time. So, if you can't find Androo on the first sweep of the caves, know that the game can generate caves with no entrance and maybe try what I did.
  14. I've thought about that a lot over the last decade or so. I've looked at expat communities in Mexico, because I have family from there and can more easily apply for citizenship, and maintain then dual citizenship. But, I also really loved that time I spent in Oahu, HI. There's good hiking. A number of state parks. I have to do more research, though to see what's a better fit. There's a difference between visiting somewhere and living there. I'm definitely a city brat, being from the Bronx, and having access to the arts is important to me, but I have a deep appreciation of nature, hiking, camping and fishing.
  15. For me, it was the Chocobo Trainer Race mini game, which is also part of a side quest to get Tidus' ultimate weapon in FFX. Those stupid birds swoop in from nowhere at all, at random. I hate that mini game. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I got so upset, I almost broke my controller.
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