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[Sponsored] Find Your Toxicity-Free Teammates on Epal.gg!

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Yes, we all had those games, where 2 minutes into the game and you already know it is a lost
cause, because your teammates just can’t help but rage like a 3-year-old baby.

Gaming is supposed to be fun; it is really a waste of time to be arguing with these idiots. Yet you
need to since you want to stop your support from walk down the mid lane to feed 20 times.

This is where Epal.gg comes in. Every single person on Epal.gg is ready to game and hangout,
and mostly importantly, they aren’t toxic! They will work with you in-game, they can pick
whatever character you want them to pick, they will back you up in-game, and they can even
verbally defend you when there is toxic waste in your game.

So yeah, it is very useful if you want a complete experience without any negativity.

Give it a try at www.epal.gg

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