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  1. Lol, that's why I don't look up to any other apart from Google as my main email service providers, because they are serious with their job.
  2. Head_Hunter

    Hollow Knight

    I know it is compatible with PS4 console, I am just got to know this game here, it's okay through the trailer.
  3. Here in my country, the default Android device browser or iOS phones, windows, PC's is simply set as Google.
  4. Windows eleven is superb when it comes to playing games with it, surfing the internet and doing other multipurpose tasks. I am using it at the moment, the quality of gaming it offers is exceptional.
  5. I do the both, I back up my data especially essential files like documents and also duplicate then in case their is any lingering when I forget the back up password.
  6. Now plenty browsers are simply popping up which is a means of income generation to users especially cryptotab, brave browser that rewards each user with cryptocurrency for using their browser to browse the internet.
  7. Head_Hunter


    I don't use VPN at the moment because, I have nothing I am accessing it with. I just prefer prefer staying off from what I isn't important.
  8. Android is more user-friendly to me than iOS phones. I just find it so easy to use than iOS features. When it comes to adjusting to brightness I reduce it, so it wouldn't hurt my sight.
  9. That's ridiculous if they execute what they've put in consideration by removing users negative responses. Provided it is guided with the right words that doesn't attach to insult it altercations they shouldn't by no means remove it.
  10. All this kind of scenarios frustrates players alot. If it's me I'll still do same thing which other gamers did, by expressing my frustrations concerning the server breakdown.
  11. Hmm, with their population seize I don't think China can come out on top on this one knowing how many hours children are burning on their various homes for video game.
  12. Netflix simply wants to stay stop as the best live streaming video platform in the entire universe, that's impressive of them acquiring the rights of other platforms to help bolster their ambition so high.
  13. They simply wants to make more money through nicro-transaction policy which is denting the reputation of EA.
  14. Yeah, I believe PES aren't in competition with EA FIFA when it comes to best selling video games since they still drive their own sales and earn huge as well.
  15. Yes, we are better off being here at VGR forum, instead of looking elsewhere where toxicity becomes normal norm there. The forum 'Resetera.com got large user-base spanning over 55,000 users, that's impressive though. But I am hopeful VGR forum will surpass that in the future.
  16. Some action-adventure games have puzzles, and most times their puzzles are quite difficult. Making the game being boring at some point, Human Fall Flat is one example of that.
  17. I don't play much game online, I choose offline gaming more. But when I take in to online, I go to FUT mode to play exhibition match with another gamer using my customize team.
  18. Yes, the playthrough helped though, you tried in helping me get aquainted with the background of the game.
  19. Everyone has his or her own choice when it comes to best game of our generation. I'll simply say I love FIFA game series due to my love for soccer, I play just to recreate the soccer mood into virtual reality world.
  20. Since you'll be starting afresh that's accidental quitting of the game if you ask me man.
  21. I've watched the trailer of spiderman severally on YouTube and other channels via social media platforms. I never played it yet via my PS4 but I've played it before via my PS2.
  22. Now that FIFA 22 is officially launched, I don't think any one would be willing though chasing after FIFA 21 when the new edition is available.
  23. I am not one of them too, I play video games when I have extra funds to buy them, if not I wait for the right time.
  24. I love professional soccer career, that's why my time have always been on player careers via FIFA and eFootball especially in the past editions.
  25. If streamers can earn such then it is worth streaming for life, not just for a living.
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