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Techno's Tales #1

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Since I find some very interesting websites (the cleans ones, mind you) I wanted to talk about some of them.

I had found this 90's website from a cult, >deleted< if I remember correctly, it's very interesting, but the cult is infamous for a >deleted< that happened, so keep that in mind.

Here is the link to it:

Note: The site is religious

(Hope I don't get in trouble for this one)

Another site I found was this really small forum site, The owner is nice and the site runs wells and is well moderated. I joined today, (note: I am not the owner nor a friend of the owner). It's a mix of entertainment in general. If you do check it out please don't cause trouble, especially because it has less than 50 members, and the owner is the only staff there.

Link: https://thegoathouse.community

Here is the last one I feel like talking about for now, so I was googleing weird sites and some site called ducks are the best came up. It's just a color board (eplictic warning: the colors change very fast, if you get seizures from that then avoid) that you draw duck emojis on. It's more of a meme site.


Well hope @DC doesn't get mad at me.

If I messed up I am sorry.


Moderator Edit: Links removed due to content. VGR does not endorse sites glorifying things such as cultist activities especially if they result in mass tragedies. We also can not allow links to sites that could cause massive health issues to members who may have undiagnosed conditions.

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Links Removed
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