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This is an extremely important read to know what is going on with the elections in the USA and the serious danger to democracy. We are heading into midterms in 2022 and the election in 2024 I really don't see how it stands a chance for democracy to survive. This is coined the term 'slow-moving coup' or 'slow-motion insurrection.' This article speaks for itself so I won't elaborate much. I'll summarize important concepts and update when needed. Very scary just typing all this in. There are states that passed voting rights bills, but those are already in democratic states that isn't under blatant attack. When you take a look at this and wonder why it is all largely ignored and there is no way to pass any voting rights bills on the federal level, is just sickening. In two years the USA can be a dictatorship very easily. It is in black and white for all to see. THIS IS HISTORY. 


Restrictive Legislation:

"As of Janu­ary 14, legis­lat­ors in at least 27 states have intro­duced, pre-filed, or carried over 250 bills with restrict­ive provi­sions" (2022)

Restrictions on mail voting:

*New barri­ers to apply­ing for mail ballots

*Prohib­i­tion on send­ing unso­li­cited mail ballots or ballot applic­a­tions

*Restric­tions on return­ing mail ballots

*Limit­a­tions on who can vote by mail

*New grounds for reject­ing mail ballots

Stricter voter ID:

*remove altern­at­ive forms of iden­ti­fic­a­tion

*elim­in­ate the option for a voter to cast a regu­lar ballot by execut­ing a state­ment of their iden­tity or affi­davit if they do not possess accept­able voter ID

* require voters to submit a photo­copy of a photo ID when regis­ter­ing to vote

*reduce the list of accept­able forms of voter ID

Voters with disabilities

*repeal law that allows a person by reason of a phys­ical disab­il­ity or an inab­il­ity to read or write” to receive assist­ance

*repeal the perman­ent absentee voter list

* eliminate access to indi­vidu­als who are blind or visu­ally impaired

Loosen require­ments to educate voters

*repeal of law informing on how to ensure their ballot is coun­ted

*repeal law for advance notice of iden­ti­fic­a­tion require­ments for voting in elec­tions

Undermining the Electoral Process-'Election Sabotage:'

*reject election results

*targeting election officials with criminal and civil penalties for facilitating voter access

Bills Initi­at­ing Biased Elec­tion Reviews

*Citizen-initi­ated audits without basic secur­ity meas­ures for the ballots or clear guidelines for how results are reviewed

*allow any registered voter to request an audit of an elec­tion

*any elec­tion offi­cial in the juris­dic­tion, or any voter who presents a peti­tion signed by 1,000 resid­ents to initi­ate an audit w/o accuracy standards or judicial review 

*random audit­ing system with no pre-writ­ten, compre­hens­ive stand­ards for conduct­ing the audits

*audit of a general elec­tion to be performed by a non-govern­ment entity w/o standards for audit

New Prosec­utorial Author­ity Related to Elec­tions:

*expand law enforce­ment’s power over elec­tion-related matters

*racially discrim­in­at­ory prosec­u­tions of voters and people provid­ing ballot assist­ance

*enforce elec­tion law through invest­ig­a­tions and by pursu­ing civil and crim­inal penal­ties

*allow any person to submit an anonym­ous complaint to the Elec­tion Integ­rity Unit

*prosecute anyone giving assist­ance with return­ing an absentee ballot on a voter’s behalf

*invest­ig­ate and prosec­ute alleg­a­tions of voting fraud

New Crim­inal or Civil Penal­ties on Elec­tion Offi­cials:

*criminal or civil actions for minor mistakes

*felon­ies for unin­ten­ded admin­is­trat­ive mistakes

*sue local elec­tion offi­cials 

*probable cause will remove that offi­cial from office, invest­ig­ate the insti­tu­tion, or prosec­ute such instances of fraud

*An inspector general could use this power to initi­ate proceed­ings against elec­tion offi­cials in bad faith

*felony who fail to perform required voter list main­ten­ance

Bills That Politi­cize the Elec­tions Process in Poten­tially Subvers­ive Ways:

*remove profes­sional elec­tion offi­cials and replace them with more partisan actors

*sue an elec­tion offi­cial and have them removed from office

*removal proceed­ings for local elec­tion offi­cials whom they deem to be “demon­strat­ing less than satis­fact­ory perform­ance” for two years

*trans­fer author­ity over specific aspects of elec­tion admin­is­tra­tion to differ­ent actors

*appoint their own field person­nel to review elec­tronic voting systems on Elec­tion Day

*current governor to lock in control of the State Board of Elec­tions and commis­sioner of elec­tions for several years past the end of his term

*Elec­tion over­sight commis­sions and agen­cies

*power to insti­tute audits with weak proced­ural safe­guards and “risk assess­ments” of local elec­tion offi­cial offices

*accur­acy of the elec­tion process, and uniform­ity of the elec­tions process 

*subcom­mit­tee to review the results of county elec­tion offi­cials’ forensic audits of 2020 election




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