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  1. It's been a while for me ever since I watched gaming YouTube reviews, or, to twitch to streamline quality video games. I'll be making out time soon to see more of the latest reviews.
  2. I don't play much of the games to land me on the finishing point as a priority. I play gradually to enjoy myself, if eventually it goes to the wire then no problem I'll finish it up.
  3. That's what Capcom should be focusing on order to improve more abd bring in what gamers really loved to see.
  4. Laughs, it is possible as you've said bro. If the person runs into a serious money problem he or she wouldn't think twice but to cash out and dump video game. Sure, we have them. They are the type that wouldn't compromise for money. Because, money isn't a problem for them, but real happiness do.
  5. I've seen it in you ever since I came here, your comments shows that. So, at the moment which of the GT are you playing?
  6. That's wonderful as you've said. I am not a coder, but I fancy being a programmer that inputs code in order to complete a set of instructions like developing a video game. Arcade development isn't all that demanding like the way modernized games demands.
  7. None of the names you mentioned here are familiar to me. Buh I cherish the one you mentioned last. I love horror games as well only when I watch as spectator.
  8. That's cool man, everyone has choice. I know you're a fan of horror because you talk about them here. Which of the horror games makes you feel psychological, emotionally damaged?
  9. Thanks for sharing me the information, I appreciate. I love telling my fellow user about the outcome of a game before he or she embarks on the game.
  10. I've been a lover of racing games for a while now. I feel emotional whenever I am defeated at the lady gasps of emerging victorious in the last man line by AI opponent.
  11. Normally I never had any chance to repeat a scenery in a soccer game especially when I am in a career mode. If you're losing to AI, you have to maintain it or simply gift AI automatic 3 points if you skip.
  12. It doesn't affect me with ads, provided the contents are what I really like. I don't block them neither, that's the only way I can say thank you to the content creator.
  13. I never played watch dogs, I've played different categories of AC, starting from Assassins Creed Valhalla, AC I and II, and the origins. If the merging makes sense, then their is no problem to that.
  14. Because you have them much, it is both in GT 5 and 6. It's been around the list of cars for over six years now. You can still make inquiries if you wish.
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