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  1. NFS soundtrack is tremendous, it make the game more entertaining though. I love playing those soundtrack cos my home theater audio CD player. Which makes the sound and beat more tremendous.
  2. Your suggestion is very much appreciated to save up more for PS5 instead of going for PS4. But that will take me many months to get. At the moment I just have $180 saved. The PS4 I am going for is the older one not the super slim version. The amount is $250, I believe to earn it by the end of this month.
  3. You're simply right dear, rockstar wouldn't in the role to make a scrap GTA 6 since they made GTA 5, which is very much talked game in the video game industry.
  4. Yes, that's exactly how the smart phone should be used. And not bombarding it with apps that doesn't worth it in any way, which drains the battery down constantly.
  5. Lol, at times I wonder if they take me as a rich dude or what self. Because the bombarding of items is simply much, and the prices is way too much especially on those new gen consoles.
  6. You're simply there, just as I've told you earlier, my plans are simply for PS4 and the time is just at the corner to land it.
  7. Lol, no body said you should bet your life into that. I am still believing both will remain super tremendous, because their gameplay won't be much difference.
  8. Yes, they are simply consuming the space in our device contributing nothing. They are simply worthless to me, because they help too in draining the battery down.
  9. Lol, if it's played or used during in-game, it's a very absurd one. I wouldn't take such from any fellow gamer disrupting the rhythm of the game.
  10. Let's cross our hands and watch rockstar going a masterpiece GTA 6 game which will look very much tremendous.
  11. You're there, that's how most of the E-commerce stores does, they'll simply display others below as suggestions incase if you're still interested.
  12. The time I bought PS3 in 2018 PS4 wasn't trending much in my locality, that's why I didn't bother buying. Had it been it's now I could've waited to have one of the best gaming experience in an improved console.
  13. They are useless, they are simply occupying your smart phone RAM/ROM space and offering nothing tangible.
  14. Okay, if you make use of chests aside from it's full gameplay then their is no problem with that.
  15. Yes, rockstar ought to milk from their hardwork, it isn't easy at all to develop a game like GTAs. That's why hardwork pays off when it is utilized properly.
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