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  1. Fans are not completely satisfied with the outcome of Gran Turismo 7 and I still don't know why because In my opinion the game was just right and there is nothing more that should be added to it though.
  2. I couldn't find them in the local super markets over here, so I am considering ordering it online so I can use it for cleaning and Xbox and PlayStation console.
  3. At the moment , I just have only a PlayStation 4 Console. I had a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 slim back then.
  4. The PlayStation 5 is just unreasonably scarce. I sincerely hope I could find a good PlayStation 5 deal this festive period.
  5. Justin11

    Does PS5

    That's good . I would certainly like to gift myself a PlayStation 5 for Christmas maybe.
  6. I haven't purchased any video game in the ps store, it's either I get it on steam or on game pass.
  7. I didn't make any music and in reality I don't even Know how to use a guitar. And even if I had tried to make music with the guitar in the last of us it would have turned out really terribly.
  8. I use an external SD card for my PlayStation 2 , I could install a couple of games on it and plug in it through the SD card port and have access to all the video games installed in it.
  9. I once had this issue but then it was not on the ps4 but I was trying to connect my PC to my big monitor screen so I could have a much better viewing but it just completely blacked out but if I connect the monitor to something else it would display. At some point I just gave up and settled to use the PC display just the way it is.
  10. I heard about this game but at the time I didn't own a vita so I couldn't play it. Over the years I have watched a few Game play Videos on YouTube and the game hasn't been disappointing and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has a vita.
  11. I haven't heard about child of light but from your recommendation it sure sounds like something that would be worth my time. I would check out for more information on it and watch a few gameplay video to see what it's really like.
  12. I would want to play this now since there are many more recent games I am still yet to play. And last I checked my PlayStation 2 is still with my nephew and in good working condition.
  13. I think that's a worthy explanation and I really don't know why they had to rely solely on Russia to manufacture chips for Consoles that are going to assembled in the USA. Maybe this could solve the issue of shortage but for now those who already got the console are complaining about get fewer exclusives than they expected.
  14. Did you play any soccer games on your ps 1 or ps 2 Consoles , I only remember I have won every trophy that was available on FIFA 16 and PES 6 back in the day. I played some call of duty too but not too consistently so I didn't have any trophy there.
  15. Justin11

    Share Play

    I Actually did a share play video in the early parts of 2020 and that was because I couldn't meet up and play videogames as we do so we just used the share play feature instead. I haven't used share play since then though.
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