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  1. In as much as I admire all the gaming devices around, I choose high end gaming device, since it can serve multi purpose tasks for me, and not just for gaming. I understand that, PS5 can still serve, but due to shortage of power supply, I might not enjoy it the way i wanted.
  2. That's a well deserved jubilee anniversary for the the Atari gaming device. It's been a long while, 50 years isn't 5 years. Even if I didn't get to play with this device, it's history is truly magnificent. I just wish the company continuity, and coming back to the original version of Atari and not deviating.
  3. I owned PS3 but I didn't experience the 3D TV feature nor wore the 3D gaming glass. I understand it was around in the past, even some gamers still make use of the 3D enabled TV, I don't know if their will be a comeback. Anything can still happen, the developers might consider one day to rebrand it and bring it back in a modernized way.
  4. Such kind of feature or system would make sense in esports, I never really checked, it can be possible to trade with another team just as we've been seeing in the world of sports. If the feature isn't brought to esports, the organizers of the competition should consider bringing it on, it will add more fun around the viewers, just as sports fans in 'NBA, Soccer, Hockey etc, experience fun when their respective teams brings in fresh players from other teams.
  5. That's exactly the point I'm saying bro. The game haven't aged well, the graphics is sharp and appealing in the eyes. It's been a while I played it ever since I sold my PS3, I'm going to get it again on my current console.
  6. Elden ring is one of the best souls game around. But, have you taken your time around 'Dark Soups Remastered version, Dark Souls Trilogy version? Demon Souls was another Soul's game I enjoyed tremendously in the past.
  7. You can never fade up with those racing games if you're a racing game lover. I enjoyed playing all NFS series, but it's 'most wanted edition cut my attention more.
  8. Correct, their are plenty of the trailers from each game. All the trailers I've watched has options, and it gives me selection headache. To cut it short, I just the one with better looking Tumblr and lesser duration.
  9. If you have a serious health issue that forced you to retire on time, here in my country, you'll still enjoy the retirement benefits. But I don't think my friend retired early, she didn't enter such serious health issue during her professional career.
  10. Sure, I can cover 5-7 hours too. Some days, I sleep in the morning hours, after sleeping in the night. It happens that way when I didn't have enough night sleeping time due to activities like gaming.
  11. It sucks no doubt, but that's one of the dark moments in life, we face issues we never planned for. I've moved on since then, and fortunately the phone I paid that extra 30% is working fine for me.
  12. It pains me when I have no choice but uninstalling a console game which I spent some couple of bucks to get. I can freely door via mobile games, since it doesn't cost me much.
  13. I forgot to utilize that feature, I have it on my PS4, which is the 'Games Tab'. I will check it out sooner, such will run a simple scale of hours devoted on each game overall, from there, I can know how many hours spent overall in games I purchased in the last 365 days or lesser.
  14. Keeping a wish-list isn't a bad idea, it is something you can still accomplish in the future. Never really heard about this two games you mentioned, it's cool knowing about the games from you. Apart from being a PC compatible, which other gaming platforms can access those games?
  15. I got your points man, GTA SA never aged that way when you compare it's graphics, gameplay to outdated games during 80s and 90s. But 2004 game is quite an old game which is 18 years today, that's why I had to include the game as one of the old games that never really aged imo.
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