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Diablo Immortal is EXACTLY what we expected it to be...

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7 minutes ago, Shagger said:

Somebody has actually created a Diablo Immortal Look Box Simulator using the actual odds programmed into the game so people can see how much they would need to spend to actually get all the 5/5 Legendary Gems they would need to maximise thier gear in the end game.


Here is YongYea's video on it:



And the link to the application itself on Github


Give it a try and post your results below. I'll edit this post with my results soon.

I had seen this earlier today and was going to post this video but let me just say this is absolutely sad because of what Diablo fans are feeling right now and hilarious because of how many videos have come out about the various issues of Diablo Immortal - each being very long.

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