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The Blackangel

This is pure bullshit

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4 hours ago, Kane99 said:

It's all media pretty much, but video games seem to get the worst rap when it comes to everything else. Now days it's video games as the scapegoat for violence in the world, but pretty much everything has violence in it, from the tv shows we watch, the movies, the music we listen to and the books/comics we read.

I always find it funny when people use video games as a scapegoat for violence in the world today, when the majority of countries were founded on violence, genocide and more to begin with. Video games is far from the problem. 

Yeah, that's pretty much what they are good at it always. I'm waiting for them to go on a big one about how playing video games makes people get into all the drugs usages and abuse. I'm sure they will pick out one good game drugs are used in to back up their nonsense. 

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