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  1. Congratulations to the winner when voting is concluded and good luck to all participants.
  2. It's so nice getting such kind of luck to win in such kind of matches at that dying time but it's a lot more painful when you're the one on the losing end.
  3. Games like Exos Heros, Infinity Blade 3, Alien Isolation and Life is Strange are very good examples of such games that are graphically intense on mobile phones which makes them drain batteries a lot.
  4. Funny enough I have had that game Asphalt 9: Legends on my smartphone for at least 3 months now but I have never tried playing it just once. I need to work on my games selections for playing.
  5. Seriously, it's one thing that's never going to change for me with my friends when it comes to the online video games we have to play to still be connected. I can't lose all of my friends because of distance.
  6. I can remember one when I was playing Frontline Commando. It got to a stage where I have been stuck on for weeks where I needed to shoot down a Black Hawk. I had few ammo left but I was able to pull it off with one shot left.
  7. It's mostly going to be in all GTA game's series. You can't help it not play as a bad guy in the game.
  8. At first, I always want to start in between very difficult mode. If it proves too difficult for me, then I would have to go down to normal level of difficulty and push it up later. I would never play in easy mode.
  9. I can't turn down playing on Playstation 5. For the fact that I'm yet to own it is a very big problem and a major disappointment. Hopefully, it's not going to be too long for me to get one.
  10. And there's no harm that's ever going to come from doing that as long as you have all the time in the world to start playing the game all over again. One it's still fun for you, it's all that matter most.
  11. Elden Ring is most likely the best Soul's game at the moment and its trailer did a very good justice to the game. I watched that trailer more than 10x when it was released.
  12. I haven't used Seer yet but Valkyrie is a very good pick. You will never regret having Valkyrie in your corner.
  13. I have been called all sorts of names because of how much I spend on the game Fortnite but in all honesty, it's the only free game that's worths more paying a dime on. I have been enjoying the new chapter 3 season 2 since I started playing it.
  14. I don't think that I'm yet ready to get back into playing Cyberpunk 2077 yet. I have been following up on all of their updates and patches but it's just not yet time for me to start playing it again.
  15. As of right now, I believe that it's just only scheduled to be released on PC. But hopefully it's going to get to Playstation consoles and even Nintendo Switch.
  16. I really enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch. It's the only game on Switch that I can go on for hours and never get bored or tired.
  17. It's already 12:17 AM here right now and I'm yet to feel sleepy. I'm most likely going to play a few games and hope it gets my sleep rest for me.
  18. These gaming companies have moved on from it the way we know it to be initially but have turned it into a sick microtransactions that's only targeted to milk gamers dried.
  19. Yes of course, there's always a possibility that what happened to you guys wasn't the first time it's happened. It's just that you people aren't aware such thing already happened in the past.
  20. I have always loved Gran Turismo racing series and even till now, I'm still in love with Gran Turismo 2 on Playstation 1. It's the only release of Gran Turismo that I still go back to play on PS1.
  21. If you have never played Goat Simulator, you have been missing out on a game that's capable of turning your bad day into something that's going to be very lively and fun. Whenever I'm sad and bored, if I play the game, it puts an end to my bad mood.
  22. Seriously, it sucks when the experience you are supposed to get from playing a game is ruined by the actions of hackers and cheats in the game. You simply just wasted your money on a have you can't play fair in and enjoy.
  23. What do you think about Call of Duty : Black Ops 1? I think it that the game tried its very best to stay afloat.
  24. If you ask me, I would say that it's already getting to that point of no much play by most people who started playing the game when it was launched because it's very clear that it's not worth the stress.
  25. I never got the opportunity to play Golden Sun . What's the gameplay like and what makes it unique for you?
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