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  1. Yeah - it's definitely going to be what would make gamers pick interest in playing the game in the next gen console like PS5.
  2. Yeah - it was really a frustrating wait on the release for those following the game. Imagine having to wait for the game only to have it pushed further away and when it came out finally, it wasn't fully playable.
  3. It's actually why the standard of videos that you see on YouTube is always very useful. They strive for the best.
  4. Yeah - they did an impressive job with it. You don't get to see something that good produced often lately.
  5. Alright my friend, try as much as possible to stay safe because it's what's most important. It's really a shame that you lost your Dad to the virus, thousands of people lost their loved one's already.
  6. "Gaming is for kids" response is something that never ends well with me. It feels like an insult but then again I would blame myself for even talking to the person in the first place.
  7. Cyberpunk 2077 initial release date was 17 September 2020. It was an intriguing game but only that it was rushed and messed up in the end but it offered a great gaming experience.
  8. Yeah - I'm talking about it from an adult perspective but when looked at it from childish perspective, it's definitely something that would have more positive effects.
  9. Heatman


    Exactly - personally I don't really mind getting into it once in a while if my gaming preferences needs some sort of a change.
  10. Heatman


    Yeah - it's actually good to know how to not be too attached to games very deeply because it never ends well when you can't pull out when it's necessary you do.
  11. Microtransaction is one of the biggest killers of games but game companies are blind to it yet.
  12. Oh! I get that now. I never played it but I'm very sure that those who did really must have enjoyed it.
  13. Both Need for Speed Heat and Most Wanted are my favorites. Most Wanted is far more better than Heat if you ask me.
  14. They are too rich and popular to careless about the needs of their fans which they believe they will never suffer any setbacks no matter what they do.
  15. Exactly - it's actually why FIFA doesn't have any kind of serious competition right now with PES out of the way.
  16. Yeah - I actually understand that it's not really easy to have them bugs out completely but where it pisses me off is when instead of trying to fix bugs, they are busy adding more microtransactions directed to gamers pocket instead of fixing what's more important to the gamers.
  17. My brother's play is strictly online. Nothing else interests in when it comes to playing outside being online.
  18. They all have something to gain in the end which is why they keep doing what they are doing blindly.
  19. If it comes on 2023 or 2024, it would largely depend on how they are still milking the GTA 5.
  20. Now you get exactly what I mean. These guys have grown tough skin to any kind of threat that isn't backed up.
  21. Yeah - it's actually how they have been doing for years. Them speaking up now even seem to me like they have something more to gain.
  22. Yeah - years ago, these companies really care about what they produce and make sure it's almost flawless before releasing it but now, the difference is the case.
  23. Exactly - it's not like it's even easy in real life as well. They tried so much to make missing margin of penalties very high.
  24. Exactly - personally, I'm not sure if I would be able to play on PS1 console again no matter how much I used to love playing with it years ago.
  25. Exactly - I believe it's something that will be well appreciated by those who are enjoying their involvement in it.
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