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  1. Yeah, that can easily solve a lot of problems for gamers. They get to use the tips when they decide to turn it on and off vice versa.
  2. Seriously, I'm not surprised. Most of these companies copy themselves all the time. It's not a new thing. Just like a lot copied in the making of Skyrim.
  3. Some trailers can be misleading which is why it's never going to enough for you to rate anything or even games with it.
  4. Seriously, most gamers are not really that freaked any more about online gaming because of all the ills that it comes with.
  5. There are some easy boss fights in Dark Souls that should have been more better in terms of posing a real challenge like the High Lord Wolnir but it's not.
  6. The good part of it is that you can always have an extra external drive of any size to back up your PC.
  7. Yeah, kids of nowadays are very smart unlike us at our time. They can easily pick up gaming skills you never thought of.
  8. Yeah, that's another thing to be worried about because they will definitely know the nature of the game before its released but they released it anyways.
  9. That really must have sucked for the whole family. Anyways, he's back now and that's all that matters.
  10. Damn, that must have ruin your experience with PC gaming at the time I guess. What later changed your mind to want to get PC for gaming now?
  11. If you have a comfortable seat like the one's made by Anda Seat, you will definitely enjoy sitting down while gaming.
  12. There are some games that gets you stuck in a place that you can't go on or go back. It's more like a bug or something, I'm not sure but nothing you can do can help.
  13. Seriously, you have got to be kidding me here. So, what have you been doing all through the 412 level?
  14. It's always about the money for all of them. I have never seen any of them lately that's not eyes glued on anything that can make more money for them.
  15. The only thing similar to what I experienced was having my account that's already verified pulled back and be unverified. Like are they kidding me?
  16. Yeah, from the looks of it, it's only your playing system that's the constrain that you have with gaming now.
  17. Yeah, that's a fact when it comes to games that will come out this year. There will be the good, the bad and the ugly ones no doubt.
  18. Rockstar Energy Drink is the worst of them when it comes to bad taste for me. I think even Red Bull tastes better than it.
  19. Yeah, I think that it's the only part where game companies have done something that's in the good interest of gamers a little bit, although it's for them too.
  20. Wow, I'm getting the chills already. This looks great from every looks of it and it's never going off my top to buy games now.
  21. Does any agreement Activision-Blizzard have with Playstation still apply when a new company take over ownership just like Microsoft did?
  22. Another one which is in the little of 🔞... "Big D**k is overrated"
  23. I totally agree with you on this one because we can be very silly with the kind of things that we are willing to do all in the name of fun 😂.. Imagine trying to pet a crocodile 🐊 😂.. Some men are stupid..
  24. Well, I believe that in the end, they are definitely going to pay the heavy price like others before them did. The clock is ticking for them.
  25. Yeah, sure thing!! He's been trying to get help but so far nothing seems to be working. I hope this works at least.
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