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  1. Personally, I have played on both PC and console games but if I must make a pick, then my favorite one would be console games especially on Playstation consoles.
  2. I would like to appreciate most video games companies for doing all they can to satisfy gamers needs. One problem I would possibly point out here is the game fans, our desires are never ending, there putting lots of pressure on the game companies to keep improving.
  3. The question should be will it ever end? I'm not sure it's going to be happening any time soon because the war is deep down in the core of consoles. It will keep getting hotter as the day progresses.
  4. Wow, finally it's about time. I have looked forward to hearing this information sooner than later but it's all good it's come into the equation now. Good job.
  5. Well, my parents never put any restrictions on my game playing except for the time my gaming time were drafted for me in order to have me take care of other things I need to do.
  6. Slow internet connection is really an aching problem for most gamers. It gets so bad with people who don't have free Wi-Fi to use for their gaming activities.
  7. I have seen someone electrocuted as a result of taking water rag near his electronics set, ever since that very day no water nears my playing set when it's on.
  8. Dead Space and Dead Space 2 and Battlefront 2 are my favorite space games, although I'm not really much into playing them more often as I used to be because I have my flair for some games shifted to other game genres.
  9. I'm definitely looking forward to watching it. I hope you don't get to have your viewers disappointed when we jump on the band wagon to have fun. Anyways, good luck with it.
  10. Seriously, it's annoying when you have to keep purchasing batteries almost on weekly basis depending on how much time you have to dish into your gaming. If you play too often, you will keep purchasing batteries and waste lots of money but if it's rechargeable, you definitely have nothing much to worry about.
  11. Survival games are one of the most thrilling games to have ever rocked the gaming fan base and Resident Evil 4 is so damn cool to the extent of myself not ever getting tired of playing it over and over again.
  12. Fortnite is among the top 5 most popular and most played video games in the world today. The rate of gamers addiction to the game is beyond words. I'm not sure if any hardcore gamer would not have played Fortnite till now.
  13. Haha, isn't it the greatest stupid thing to do from an individual who wouldn't stand a chance against the almighty Square Enix the gaming company behind Final Fantasy Games.
  14. They are so many games which I was personally addicted to as a kid. For examples ; Mario, Contral, Mortal Kombat and so on.
  15. Yes of course, personally I wouldn't think that twice and I had bought it already. I believe it's definitely worth it and would give a far more better gaming experience than what we used to play with.
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