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  1. Yeah - they are unbelievably incredible with how they are set up. What's your favorite color of it that you'd take if you had that choice?
  2. What game precisely did you have such kind of character that's halved? I really think of any game in particular that I played that had such a character.
  3. Generally, when they get damaged, you're bound to having them replace whether you like it or not as long as you still want to play on the console
  4. It doesn't necessarily mean so, there is a possibility that one can wake up tomorrow and lose all interest with anything that's called games whether online or offline.
  5. That may be something would happen based on your sitting or gaming posture because for all your body to ache you that way means you aren't sitting well.
  6. I'm definitely going to pick Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, TLOU and TLOU2 to be among my list.
  7. Leaving my decision on the scale of probability with a coin flip for head or tail is something that's always difficult for me to. I'd rather pick based on recommendations.
  8. Just with the way that you describe it, it's something that have already picked on my interest and I'm this close to making a decision on it. Being in control of a necromancer army is something that can put me in a hellish mood.
  9. How about the summons in Skyrim? The use of magic mechanics in the game is one thing that stands out for me.
  10. It's obviously the techs updates in the new generation consoles that makes that possible. It can't be more than that.
  11. Till date, I'm still battling with adjusting to playing games with VR. I'm not sure if it's something that I would be able to get used to sooner or later.
  12. I find a little bit of them in my playing of Ghost of Tsushima. In as much it's good to an extent, it gets to a point where it mash up everything.
  13. I don't find it funny to adjust the setting of my game's brightness to the point where it impedes my view of the game. How does that help me?
  14. With my observations on playing games with one's mobile phone is that the more you play with it, the more it gets weaker all round and start depleting faster.
  15. My father who's above 75 years plus is still playing his chess game offline physically and it's something that I would very much like to do as well.
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