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  1. This is exactly where I'm making my stand on VR, if they are aren't making any efforts to making it not expensive, I'm sure most people would be interested.
  2. It's all nuts for me. I can't see anything else that would be perfect for me as I would chew hard down on it to help me focus.
  3. I never really got into such games as it's not something I enjoyed playing but my cousin is one hell of a collection expert.
  4. In my opinion, I believe it's actually something between 2010 to 2015 for me because there were so many great online games trending at the time.
  5. My favorite is Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. I'm sure if you are a core RPG lover, you wouldn't miss it.
  6. Exactly, it's a very good addition to the original game as far as I'm concerned because it adds more light and explanation to what happened in another setting.
  7. It's a cold fact that too much of everything is bad as it causes monotony to that subject matter. I don't like it as well when it's overused.
  8. Seriously, rushed games never live up to their expectations and it makes no sense in the end, so I do not accept the cancelation whenever it's done.
  9. It's definitely going to Resident Evil for me. I don't think there would be any other better option for me.
  10. I actually tried playing Minecraft one time after it was praised and promoted by one guy called Soulmate but it wasn't anywhere near what he said for me. I had do quit it forever.
  11. Well, I believe that depending on that part of the world where it's being considered and done, there might be a good chance of it being a job but over here in my country, it's not possible.
  12. For the fact that I really love the game, there is no way I'm going to play it just only once and leave it to rot.
  13. It's definitely going to be car racing games like Need for Speed Heat and so many others but I can never get into the sports in real life because I fear for my life 😂.
  14. I think that it's definitely going to be GTA for me because even from the looks of it here, there seems to be many that likes it but not me.
  15. I would never forget how painful it was when I was forced to replay all the stages I had previously completed because I failed to save.
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