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  1. Being that I have a physical business of poultry and fish farming, I always have walk customers who always want to pay with cash. I had to make cash payment available for them. This is also why I ask to pay with cash whenever I go shopping. I went shopping last night at Shoprite here and paid for everything I bought with cash. What was the last thing you bought with cash?
  2. Scammers can contact you through so many means like text message, chatting on social media platforms like Facebook messenger, Discord, Telegram, TikTok or even threads emails. Which platforms do scammers used to reach out to you on?
  3. What do you usually wear when you're at home? Do you like to put on either slippers or socks when you're at home indoors or you prefer being on bare feet? I always have my indoor slippers on whenever I want to walk around in the house. Which one do you wear between socks or slippers at home?
  4. Personally, I don't use to fall sick very often. I might stay 1 year and just fall sick once or not at all. But when it comes to the most serious illness I've had, it would be measles around 15 years ago. It nearly killed me. Have you ever had a serious illness?
  5. What's that means of travelling that you're never going to be comfortable with making use of? Could it be flying or using the bus, train or with boat through sea? Personally, I don't have any means of transport I don't like. I can use virtually all of them. What's your worst means of traveling?
  6. I'm team bath! I don't like to rush myself whenever I'm taking my bath. It's something I like to take my time to do. If I'm always in a hurry, I would go for shower but it's not how I like to have myself cleaned up.
  7. Naah! I don't want to die young. I have no interest in getting in the face of a bull because I know that's very dangerous and it's going to be only me that's going to get hurt.
  8. I have known some ladies to find it very difficult to apologise for doing something wrong. It's either they keep making excuses for their actions or try to apologise indirectly which I don't like in any way. I love direct apology.
  9. Yeah, that's very correct. My mother finds it very awkward to eat without brushing first. So, she brushes before and after eating her meal. I think it's too much pressure for the teeth and gum.
  10. Thanks mate. Losing a parent can be devastating too. I know how broken up I was when after losing my grandmother few years ago. I still miss her whenever I go home and see her grave.
  11. Yeah, you're right. The higher the price of what you're buying is the more better it will be for you to take a 30% discount because that's when you get to save more on the purchase.
  12. I don't know anything about birds but it looks like I'll be getting or adopting one soon. A dove used to come to my place every morning and evening which I always feed the bird.
  13. I have been helping to run and manage my family's auto spare parts business for 10 years right now. It's something I can't leave for my dad to keep doing because he's getting old.
  14. Dying Light 2 : Stay Human is a very good survival horror game that I also love playing so much. I also love the adventure part of the game, it brings so much to it.
  15. I have equally made good friends from playing video games. Friends from other parts of the world but we are so close through the games like we are within close distance. My gaming experience have been fantastic.
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