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Empire Of Sight

Twitchcon 2022

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7 hours ago, Empire Of Sight said:

as a pornstar you doooo use your body / back quiet a bit I would imagine....

That's the problem I have with porn. The positions among other things, are something women don't do outside of porn. I don't know a single woman who actually enjoys the pile driver position. No blood flow = no orgasm. And no woman I know likes having a guy cum all over her face. I've also never met a woman willing to take a guy at both ends at the same time. And not all women are bi or lesbian, so don't expect us to all eat another woman. Also, anal is not common.

I'm not attacking porn as a whole. I've enjoyed adult entertainment from time to time. But the positions and stamina it takes to keep going are things that an injury can put you out for years to come, or even retire you. If she's having a rod put in her back, I'm sure she is going to have to look for another profession. You have to be flexible in ways that a rod in the back would keep you from doing. She's probably having to look at office jobs now.

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