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  1. Its one of those ones no matter what you could find something to do or feel lost into it haha.
  2. lol? You're acting like I was attacking her... Shes injured and will clearly have that profession affected do to her injuries so that lost income would most likely be included in any lawsuit taken or compensation given to her. I could care less if she's a hooker or a pornstar its her life XD P.S never watched her videos either but it was just apart of an article about her so thats why I commented on it.. especially since its apart of her revenue streams.. and as a pornstar you doooo use your body / back quiet abit I would imagine..
  3. I would assume that the proper twitch organizers would of had to verify it and if they didn't have a safety expert from their staff verify the claims of the pit then they are liable either way. However crazier things have happened and it would be slightly funny to see her get an "IOU" from some small pad foam vendor XD
  4. Since shes a pornstar her work requires "physical efforts" I'm sure she will get her a nice penny from it all.
  5. Yoo, Did anyone see all the nonsense from Twitchcon? I didnt but I happened to catch all the drama on shorts XD Broken backs, broken ankles, empty dance floors, angry security and over priced water bottles. If you have any funny clips you found share uppp Hope everyones doing well! EOS
  6. Haha people are legit just one challenge away from being apart of Darwin's entire point... XD Its like the spoiled meat that gets you high if you leave it ontop of your fridge for a year... Its the grossest thing in the world I dont recommend you searching it lol.
  7. Well... Its been how the run since the start of time... They understand that people will pay and with inflation over the last 20 years they can just keep increasing the pricing of the games until their model doesnt work... Then magically.. magically they will find a way to sell things for a 3rd of the price and justify the last 30 years due to lack of "technological innovation that allows this price" It hurts and is the main reason I quit playing console games at all and just focused on MMORPGS/AARPGS, but then again its the reason I quit playing World of Warcraft because the expansion costs became braindead.
  8. I would like to nominate @Justin11 because he helped me find a good anime streaming site that I've so desperately needed.
  9. Anime drama begins NOW! haha jkjk I'll have to go down that list, and attack on titan was good when I first watched it but after a while I got kinda bored of watching people get chewed up by big ass monsters XD, however being stoned at the time it was great to watch.
  10. Hahaha alright alright fair enough! have you tried any of the age of empire games? They aren't in the style of Minecraft but those were always my favorite for strategy and building.
  11. Well it was fun to play with others when i tried but solo nono it made no sense why id go solo and build an entire kingdom for no reason xD, also when i tried to log in on my switch it wouldnt work? Couldnt figure out how to actually get it started or join a server with others.. I think maybe if you joined a custom server you might have fun though, I see a ton of youtube videos over it.
  12. hahahaha, its funny because I had the same issue... for the life of me I couldn't understand what to actually do xD
  13. Thanks guys! I actually am going to test Yakusoku no Neverland on gogoanime , the site seems to load fine for me! Super excited as I've been needing an escape from seeing human faces on screen while I work XD
  14. Its epic you felt like that by logging into the game just to re experience that point in life that was your friends ^.^ I do feel like that too if I play specific games and do certain content in them. Hope you have a better week!
  15. Haha yeah I'm sure they will be XD Just hope its someone who will actually play it instead of selling it but if they win its up to themm, I actually like the switch itself, the screen, the ease of use etc is great + the graphics are amazing. I just think my brain wont calm down enough to indulge into playing a game longer than a few minutes at a time these days xDD
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