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Dumb Ways To Die

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You can look on YouTube and find tons of stories like that. But the strangest thing is that some people SURVIVED being sucked into the engine. I think one guy survived it with only minor cuts and bruises. Aside from the psychological trauma of having just been sucked into a fucking jet engine. Some people are lucky enough to survive the unthinkable, while others lost their life in the exact same situation. That is not counting moronic internet challenges. I think I may have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. I planked on my couch and bed, then posted the pics in an online forum with the caption asking if people could get the message about how stupid these challenges are. But in my opinion, anyone that gets hurt or dies from this bullshit deserves it and completely brought it on themselves. Some of them are out of the gene pool, while others are going to live the rest of their lives having to deal with just how fucking stupid they are. I'm no exception. I've done some incredibly stupid shit that should have cost me my life, but somehow didn't.

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