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The Blackangel

10 Video Games Nobody Has Beaten (Because It's Impossible)

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I couldn't imagine getting a game and not being able to finish it as a kid. Doing everything to try and collect the last object to get 100% or not being able to beat the final boss because the programmer purposely made it invincible. I'm sure there are ROM hacks to fix these quirks, well maybe for not every game on the list. Action 52 is notoriously bad, and it's no surprise that it's on this list. xD No one is going to try to fix that game it's way too broken. I think the Mega Drive version may be a little better than the NES version but I'm not sure.

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I’m kinda weird on this. I had no problem with TMNT and Zelda II with only a hiccup here and there.

Now with ROM-hacks, I have 3 (all Zelda titles) and after trying to play one of them, I know know for a fact that the games were designed NOT to be beaten.  I played it for well over 5 years, and so far have only made it to the third dungeon. And this one isn’t even the hardest one out there among them all.

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