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Has anyone here ever play the Colecovision before? I've only played the Flashback console, I used to own one but I lost it years ago whenever I moved out of my apartment. It came out right before the video game crash, so I'm sure not too many people played it back in the day. The specs are pretty similar to Sega's SG1000/SC3000 and it even has the same processor as the console as well as VDP. IGN listed it as number 12 on their top 25 gaming consoles of all time list apparently too. The console was discontinued in 1985, so it didn't last long. I think the controller is a odd one, it took me a bit to get used to it when I did own the flashback version. What do you think of the Colecovision?

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It was my first game system. I played it for years, clear up into the NES era. When the NES came out, I wanted one so bad, and when I finally got one, I abandoned my Colecovision. I regret that now. I would pick one up op eBay, but I just can't spare the money. They cost more now than they did new.

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