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Alone in the Dark has been delayed until early 2024!

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I think it's a good thing that they have been transparent about having to delay the game and also about standing their ground and not giving in to demand as well. 

Too many game developers in the past have wanted to delay a game but have given into demand in the past which resulted in a bad release, one game that comes to mind if CyberPunk. 

Hopefully with this delay the game will be as good as they want it to be on release and it will be a success. 

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I really liked the old games as being early horror titles in gaming history, but I did not like the fact you had to use a keyboard's arrow keys to play them. There was also a problem with the CD-ROM trilogy pack; The first game had no sound, but it definitely had a soundtrack, as I know you can listen to the tracks in a CD player.

Basically, to make Carnby run, you press the up key and the escape key after going into the menu. Then you have to really hit the keys hard to make him run in the direction you want him to. I just wish the first and third game plus the 1993 spin off mini teaser game, had all received ports to the PS1, as only 2 did. Playing them with a controller is really the only fun way to do so.

I think overall, recent horror games have helped to make me have hope for the genre again, after playing a lot of less than stellar games like RE8, which previously soured my interest in covering the topic...

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