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  1. Does anyone think they jumped the Neptune shark with the parasites, vampires and lycans storylines of the 2005 onwards time periods? I mean, I get that they'd been repeating the zombie outbreak plot to death by then, but taking it to the level they eventually did, well... it left me unsettled. It just felt pretty silly once they introduced that vampire mistress nicknamed Lady D, which gained popularity through memes. But it was really kind of daft all the same, considering RE moved away from the George Romero style offerings in favour of this fantasy nonsense. RE8 also feels way too similar to RE4 in general. Because the lycans attack you just like the village people, but then they make a speedy exit. The vibes I got were that they were trying to do a RE4 clone before they intendeded to release the RE4 remake. So many aspects felt recycled, in my opinion.
  2. No doubt RE is one. But to be honest, I tire of hearing about so many remakes of these ancient games. They tend to chop and change too much about them anyway, which just feels disappointing. The RE3 remake was especially bad. Nemesis is just terrible in the game. They removed the clock tower, Barry, the dead factory, and some enemy types were left out of the 2020 dreadmake. I would rather get new games for a console I paid hundreds of pounds for, instead of Capcom milking the series for nostalgia. https://screenrant.com/resident-evil-remakes-re5-re6/
  3. A Kickstarter campaign suggests this will be more survival horror-ish than its predecessor. Did you play the first one?
  4. I bought the Winters expansion for RE8. God knows why. LOL. I just hadn't bothered to do it sooner.
  5. So I finally decided to try The Callisto Protocol. Seems like a cool game so far. But damn, are those security robots annoying? 😝
  6. I thought it was nice of Konami to just drop a new game for free. It shows they are trying to make up for their past misdeeds, and all people can do is forgive or forget about the ill-fated Hideo Kojima era. Unfortunately, yeah. So many gamers are still throwing dirt at them, some 10 years later after Konami chose to cancel Silent Hills. I really thought as a game with no cost, it was well worth the long wait to have this spin off Silent Hill: The Short Message setting up exciting future titles. You definitely feel the spirit of P.T. in the game as you are caught by the monster and sent kicking back to the last checkpoint. Sure, it technically isn't really about the town of Silent Hill any more in a sense, because the story is set in Germany, I believe. But all the same, other games have taken place elsewhere in the timeline in the past as well. Silent Hill is back... with a vengeance!
  7. It was revealed at State of Play, and made available to install at no cost shortly thereafter. Here is a playthrough of the game.
  8. So State of Play is tonight, I believe. Rumours indicate that Until Dawn is returning, but the Silent Hill series ought to be shown too. Konami really hasn't been putting out a great deal of anything of note on the games, despite the remake of 2 and other projects being announced in the fall a few years back. But they decided to slag off that 'Ascension' garbage recently with an amusing, "It's trauma" merchandise line. So even Konami knows it totally sucks balls. And that's certainly saying something. Maybe be careful as to who gets to use your IP the next time, huh?
  9. It's very hard to get anywhere with YouTube in this day of age, but it is certainly not the same platform it was back in 2015, or whatever. I was doing the same thing as others for the most part. Posting a lot of informative vlogs. I never got anywhere. It is very, very hard and time consuming. I also hate their 'You gotta wait 24 hours to be activated' policy. The idea of YouTube is that your content has to have a lot of wizardy editing talent, and a more "mutual" outlook, before you can even hope to get anywhere. Because 'being yourself' won't cut it in the corporate world when they prefer PG content. There's a YouTuber I follow, who said he got enticed by Google to switch things up, but he did not want to change just to please them, and then he got false flagged by haters, to the point where he admitted he lost full interest in covering video games. And I mean, nah. Why be a sheep? That would make you as bad as the Capcom fanboys. Google also takes a blind eye to the big YouTubers misbehaving, as they just get a slap on the wrist for getting out of line. But it depends what your channel covers to begin with. Controversy runs rampant online, so then if you unintentionally offend people, they'll come at you. It kind of bugged me how I was uploading similar rant videos to others, but the people online would always flock to the big channels, and I never got anywhere in the long run. What was somewhat odd about this was that I was saying similar things, even better than they were at times. Yet nobody noticed, apart from Google themselves. In fact, I exposed Capcom that much over the years for ripping off other games, that even Google started using my posts as answers on their main page. Seriously. I also have a rather thick accent and would get out of breath quickly when recording. But then on the gaming forums I was visiting, the activity just continued to see a big decline with only occasional contributions from stragglers, so it is not like people were noticing me much any more, compared to decades ago. The forums started to feel more like a diary. I also had this weirdo following me around for years, so he kept subscribing to me, and YouTube even allows these moronic stalkers to tag you unnoticed. Unfortunately, blocking idiots on YouTube is only a semi-useful procedure. They can still receive notifications of your activity. 'Blocked' should really mean 'banned 4 life' AKA 'GTFO K Thanx Bye' or something, where not only is commenting barred, they can no longer view you in general. But Google just doesn't care. Their report form is also very annoying to do on a phone as well, by the way. The mobile version of the report feature they have is just a fiddly little mess of a page, but they just never bother their asses to do anything about the abuse. In fact, if you put in the report that they are harassing you *BUT* also stealing your content, it's like this is to them technically two different matters you're complaining about. Like, what!? No, it's not... This is why a human reply is always better than an automated piece of trash, generic, pretty useless one. It means you can explain everything in one go instead of putting up with this stupid character limit malarkey, and ticking a few boxes-crap that Google prefers having around. Then again, please try to see it from their point of view. They're probably getting a gazillion of such reports every single day, with just a small tech team on hand there to deal with the administrative side of things. And they probably know people just enjoy false flagging others when they're being sour grapes.
  10. I think this will be a swell game once it gets released. 😎 It reminds me of Days Gone.
  11. The first one is a classic, but one part I don't understand is the paddock breakout scene, that occurs when that fat guy stealing the embryos causes a power outage on the island. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is clearly standing on the ground when he eats the goat. However, when Alan Grant and Timmy are forced to abseil down the side of the confinement, it's now looking like quite a drop. I thought that was a weird continuity error. So hehe. I generally love the movies. They did an even better job in the second film when the trailers were being knocked over the cliff, and Sarah falls and hits the glass, and it starts to break with her weight. Her "lucky pack" (her backpack) then saved her skin.
  12. The receptionist at my dentist told me that they are only gonna be doing a checkup now once a year. I was there recently to get a replacement filling. 🫣 It's obvious what the procedure involved. You know the drill. 🦷
  13. I think my phone does. My mobile service is actually down today. It's so cold and there is ice everywhere. Then I slipped near my accommodation when I went out to head to the hospital, to use their WiFi about an hour ago. 🤳 Snow is fine. But ice is dangerous. 🧊 🤤
  14. Well, WWE and all that is for entertainment. Speaking of which, Survivor Series: WarGames was airing late last night. I was surprised to see both face teams won the cage matches with the heel factions, as I was thinking they would have provided balance in that regard. However, both of the bouts were awesome. 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♀️ Then right at the end, CM Punk finally made his return to the company. The crowd went absolutely crazy when his music hit. 😊
  15. I think I saw the second one once. My sister watched the original a lot, so I seen it numerous times. John Travolta had a solo hit once that is not affiliated with any movie. It got to position 10 on Billboard.
  16. An hour ago, I had an egg and cress sandwich from the Co-op. Now it's time for more iced coffee. 😉
  17. Oh darn. 😞 I had it once too. It was like my lungs were being crushed together.
  18. For some reason, I have a hunch that social services aren't gonna provide me with any support. I called them a month ago. But it didn't sound like they were exactly jumping at the chance to take me on. They are morons anyway.
  19. Well, I recall they had a showcase a little over a year ago, where they announced three games to be outsourced, had a series of vague trailers, and talked about each one briefly, plus a new movie and online interactive series. They are still awaiting release, with the exception of Ascension, the interactive show which started a few weeks ago. That's already available to join, but it is universally hated. I think their next goal is to make games with their own team, so their projects will probably be very far off.
  20. I really liked the old games as being early horror titles in gaming history, but I did not like the fact you had to use a keyboard's arrow keys to play them. There was also a problem with the CD-ROM trilogy pack; The first game had no sound, but it definitely had a soundtrack, as I know you can listen to the tracks in a CD player. Basically, to make Carnby run, you press the up key and the escape key after going into the menu. Then you have to really hit the keys hard to make him run in the direction you want him to. I just wish the first and third game plus the 1993 spin off mini teaser game, had all received ports to the PS1, as only 2 did. Playing them with a controller is really the only fun way to do so. I think overall, recent horror games have helped to make me have hope for the genre again, after playing a lot of less than stellar games like RE8, which previously soured my interest in covering the topic...
  21. This seems like very exciting news. Konami could very well begin work with in-house made Silent Hill games, plus other types of games, as the name for their new group of hired devs sounds like they are meant to succeed Team Silent, who of course worked on the first four (and best) entries in the franchise up to 2004 before disbanding. Basically, they broke up before Konami leased the IP to mostly third parties from other regions outside of Japan before the series became dormant around 2015. So it seems these other projects Konami announced a year ago are just to kind of test the waters. Yet of course, few people have displayed any gratitude that Konami revived the series to begin with, citing the commotion with Hideo Kojima, the awful HD collection, or their pachinko obsession. But I have kind of accepted that any new games are probably going to be inferior to the old ones. But then I evidently feel like this with RE and Capcom as well, with Capcom making things oh so confusing. Anyway, here is the Push Square article that has further details on this news. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2023/11/konami-is-creating-a-new-silent-hill-production-team
  22. They are milk and white chocolates, sort of put inside a sugar shell in reverse. So one has a white shell with milk chocolate, the other is brown with white chocolate.
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