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  1. GTA VI is very close to being announced with a trailer just around the corner and speculation is rising as to when the release date may be. What are your thoughts? When you do feel we will see a release date for GTA VI?
  2. I loved The Simpsons Hit and Run and would have loved to see a sequel so you can probably imagine my disappointment when I found out a sequel was planned but never actually came of anything. https://www.eurogamer.net/the-simpsons-hit-run-sequel-had-airships-devs-remain-unsure-why-it-was-scrapped Would you like to have seen a sequel?
  3. Playing video games has been proven to help with hand eye co-ordination and also help build up reaction times. The skills that you build up whilst playing video games can help you greatly later on in life.
  4. As someone who suffers with depression and anxiety, I have found that playing video games and being involved in video games to the extent that I have has helped me a lot and still continues to help me now. Everyone is different though and because of that even though it may be the case for me, it may not be for someone else.
  5. I believe the age rating for games does go higher than 13 with an age rating of 18 being the highest which I believe games such as Call of Duty and GTA are under that rating. Some parents do allow their kids to play these games, I have done with my kids when they were quite a bit older but I feel it is the parents responsibility to ensure that they check and understand the games their kids are playing to avoid certain situations and issues.
  6. It was the Big Bang Event last night along with an Eminem concert and I was blown away with what we saw. I heard that 12,000,000 hit the game for the event and live concert and some never managed to get in resulting in Epic Games having to do another play of the event for those who missed it later on in the day. The servers are still down at the moment and we are waiting on Chapter 5 but Fortnite may have just changed the gaming world. Can not wait to jump into the game as a Lego character! 😄
  7. If you are only looking to play old PC games, it could be a more affordable way to be able to have a PC to be able play those games for a nostalgia hit. I will admit, some of the older games are definitely amazing and there is no better feeling than what you get when playing these 🙂
  8. I am not too fussed on the peripherals I use with my PC as long as they work and do what I need them to do. At the moment I have an ASUS gaming laptop and my mouse is ASUS so that is what I using right now.
  9. Shortie

    Gaming on Mac

    As much as I have used Mac computers in the past, I can't say that I have used them for gaming. Mine was more for work related purposes when I was in a school working and they were the computers they had. Gaming I would imagine is possible but not the same as a Windows PC.
  10. When it comes to cleaning my PC I tend to use the vacuum on the lowest suction to get dust that is in hard to reach places and I use a dry, clean cloth to dust areas that I am able to. Of course, I do also use canned air if needs be but if you are unable to, using the two methods above may help. I do know you can get little vacuums for your PC which may be of help.
  11. I remember playing games on a computer so to speak way back in the 90's which was the Amiga. My dad eventually purchased a PC and I used to periodically play on that with some of the games he had so it has been be around the early 90's when I started playing computer/PC games 🙂
  12. I can imagine how annoying that gets. I don't work in retail but I do go in stores and some of them have their Christmas music playing from September/October which is crazy. Very easy to get tired of listening to it when there is only a small collection of Christmas songs they may play and they seem to be constantly repeated.
  13. That would for sure drive me insane too. There should not be something on the screen for it to fold and I always get annoyed if there is something on my screen so not being able to remove that would drive me crazy. Not to mention the damage done as well to the screen where it folds if that happens.
  14. Gaming addiction is a difficult area, this is because someone could claim that another person has game addiction because they play games every day but that is not always the case. I would say when playing video games starts to take over your life and you stop taking care of yourself, stop doing other things and neglecting your responsibilities, that is when video game addiction is a huge problem.
  15. The last game I played was Fortnite last night. Hoping I can get through the battle pass before the season ends tomorrow but I am cutting it fine and still need 17 levels. Going to be playing some more later so hoping I can at least complete as much as I can even if I don't complete it all.
  16. I enjoy playing many games of different genres but I will admit that battle royale has been one I have been playing a lot just recently. I would say that my favourite genres are battle royale, FPS, racing and also RPG.
  17. I know this feeling only too well. I tend to leave it until last minute as I only have my kids to buy for as my family insist I focus on them but I am always having issues getting it down and always end up running around like a maniac a few days before hand because I forgot something.
  18. My favourite game of all time was always Halo and I will be honest, as much as I do still enjoy Halo, it's not my most favourite game now. I would go as far as to say that Fortnite is my favourite game now with Halo being a close second to that. I feel if things didn't change the way they did with Halo, it may very well have been my favourite still now.
  19. I would have to say every instrument. I love music and have played a few instruments in my time from violin to piano but it would be awesome to be able to play more instruments and if I had access to them all, I could experience that.
  20. Grease is an amazing musical. I have watched both Grease and Grease 2 and often get grief when I say that I much preferred Grease 2 between both movies 🙂 Have you seen both?
  21. Whenever I have gone to the movies in the past either with friends or family, we have always taken our own candy and snacks as well as drinks in as it is a lot cheaper to do that than buy it at the movies. The prices are way too much when it comes to snacks bought from the movies and I could never justify paying that much.
  22. I used to think that streaming of movies and such being possible had slightly killed off movie theatres but it seems, die hard movie lovers and cinema goers still tend to buy tickets and go to watch new movies at the cinema rather than waiting for them to hit the streaming platforms. I personally wait for them release for streaming as it can be quite expensive to keep going to the cinema but having die hard cinema goers is definitely keeping them alive.
  23. The last movie I watched was National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit at the moment. The year seems to have flown by and I can't quite get my head around the fact that Christmas is almost up on us again.
  24. I always remember hearing about this show and many always express their want to see it make a comeback but it was never a show I saw. May have to check it out as it seems quite popular and a show I may enjoy.
  25. I am not much of a TV watcher but I have in the past watched some sitcoms that I have really enjoyed. In the past I have watched the following: Two and a Half Men Friends Scrubs Family Guy Everybody Loves Raymond The Queen of Kings
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