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  1. Something I always found hard in video games was to play using inverted controls. I always used to struggle every time I tried but the more I stuck at it, the easier I found it to be and now I can use inverted no issues at all.
  2. I would say at least two days is the longest rainy day I have witnessed. In England, UK, we are well known for our rainy weather but sometimes we get some rain that can last a while and cause bad floods. Luckily we don't experience them all the time.
  3. One of the most important lessons I learned from a relationship I was in was to never trust someone too soon in a relationship. I did just that and ended up suffering for 11 years in a mentally abusive relationship. I am out of that situation now and happier but I definitely learned a very important lesson.
  4. I enjoy both jam, especially strawberry jam and also honey but I will admit that honey wins for me every time. One thing I enjoy having is crumpets with a little butter and some honey, the taste is amazing and crumpets are filling.
  5. I have never been to see a comedian live before but I have watched many comedians in my time, some of which I would love to see live but have not been able to. Two of my favourite comedians are Peter Kay and Lee Evans. Lee Evans retired from touring so I don't think I will be able to see him live but I know Peter Kay still tours so that is a possibility. Jeff Dunham is also another comedian I would love to see live.
  6. I have never travelled by sea but I have travelled a lot by car when going places with family and I do suffer from motion sickness, it was worst when I was younger. I believe if I were to travel by sea, I would end up with sea sickness, how I would deal with it is not something I know at the moment unless I experience it.
  7. It has been such a long time since I had ice cream cake, I don't see it as often as I used to when I was younger which is a shame, they are always perfect on a hot summers day as a dessert or just a treat.
  8. I have not had a grilled cheese sandwich in such a long time. I always enjoyed having tomato with mine too, adds that flavour to it. I need to get myself a new grilled cheese toaster again so I can start having these again, perfect comfort food!
  9. I believe if aliens did visit earth, they would more than likely look at us as intelligent but I feel it would be based on technology more than the society we surround ourselves with and our behaviour. Whether or not aliens are real or not is a different story but if they are, it would be interesting to see what they thought.
  10. I have not played this game and never had any clue about the game if I am honest. Watching the video above, this does look like an awesome game and a lot of fun. Another game to add to my list!
  11. I have not played Gorilla Tag but my youngest plays this game a lot with his friends and he seems to enjoy it. He is always talking about how much of a workout it is playing Gorilla Tag and sometimes comes off the game sweating and quite warm.
  12. I haven't played Job Simulator myself but my kids all had a lot of fun playing it when they first got the VR headset for the previous Christmas. Job Simulator was one of the games my youngest really wanted a VR headset for and he would be the one that spent the most amount of time on that game.
  13. Everyone reacts differently to VR when they play, some may find it okay to stay on for long periods of time and others may only be able to manage a small amount of time before they feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't say being on the VR all day is impossible but would be based on how the person playing feels staying on that long.
  14. This looks amazing. Something I never thought I would see together would be The Titanic and horror but I can see how it would work being the tragedy that happened when the ship sank. I have a feeling my two eldest kids would enjoy this game, they enjoy horror games and this does look awesome.
  15. My kids have played a lot of Beat Saber since they got the Meta Quest 2 for this past Christmas and they are always saying about how warm they get and how they ache after playing the game for a while. I would for sure say that Beat Saber is a great game for a workout.
  16. I had no idea about this myself either until my youngest son mentioned it as we had access to a free trial for a month. It is very much worth the money if you use the VR a lot and they managed to find many games to keep them entertained on the VR. Fruit Ninja was very much a popular one!
  17. This looks interesting. I don't tend to use the VR headset we have too often but my kids are always playing it and looking for new games to play. They enjoy horror games on the VR and this could be something they would find interesting and enjoy playing.
  18. It does sound like something at least two maybe three of my kids would be interested in so I will have to look into it. I can only imagine how much fun it is, especially with it all being teamwork.
  19. This game looks good and very much a game I would play through. I feel like I am so lost with new games that are releasing and just realizing about many of them. Very glad we have wishlists as it means I can add these and always go back to them when I am ready to purchase and play a new game.
  20. This could be a good one for me then. I was a huge fan of Overwatch, that was until they released Overwatch 2 and it became a mess and I lost interest.
  21. We can only hope they do get it right this time, if they don't I fear their reputation will be very much shattered and that would be bad for a company like Microsoft.
  22. This would have been Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. I remember playing the first one and no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to get into the game no matter how many times I tried and not being able to get into the first game only meant I didn't have any desire to play the second one. Many loved the game but it wasn't one for me.
  23. This is a good question and one I have thought about over the years many times. If I were to work for a game developer of my own choice, I would have to go with Epic Games. I am a huge fan of their games and their success has been amazing to see.
  24. I am at the moment playing Boba Tea Tycoon on Roblox whilst I am browsing forums and getting some work done that I need to complete. Tycoon games are always great to chill out on and I have been playing a lot of them recently?
  25. I have heard of the series but have not played it. There are a lot of games I am finding I have missed out on due to being so busy with work and things away from gaming. I will check this game out though, I love games like that and could do with finding a new one to play.
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