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  1. This has been something I have gone through so many times and it is frustrating. I can never always work out if it is that I just do not know what to play that will keep me interested or if it is just lack in how good the games have been that have been released. I have gone days not playing any games in the past purely because I really do not know what to play.
  2. I feel it is about time we ended up getting some kind of good news and good games coming out as I feel even though we have had some good games over the years, we have seriously lacked as well and it has left a lot of gamers wondering whether we would ever see anything worth it. All we can hope is that the games when released are what we expected.
  3. The last game I played was Roblox. I was checking out the newest update that came out today for Pet Simulator X which seems good but many are not as happy with it as they thought they would be. Hoping to take a better look at it later on.
  4. I did wonder when FOX would turn on him. He is a vile man and a man that likes to brainwash people into thinking he is perfect and everyone else is wrong. He claims all the time that he can save the country and he also promises his supporters so much as well to get them behind him and get them to believe his actions are saving the country. It's sad to see so many brainwashed by such a sick man and then seeing that he encourages attacks much like the 6th January within his own country. Could never stand the man and still can't.
  5. I am so sorry to hear this @The Blackangel and @Rain Dew 😞 you hear about people doing these things a lot and it is never easy to hear about it when people take their own lives but to have seen it is a whole other story. My condolences go out to their friends and family at this awful time and I do hope that both you and Rain Dew and able to get all the support you need to get through this.
  6. This is something I have always had an issue with, not so much with single player games that are offline and you play on your own, if you want to cheat in a single player mode, go for it. It's not bothering me and will not affect others only you. When it comes to online multiplayer and playing with others, that is where I draw the line to be honest. If you are cheating you are ruining the game for others who are playing as well and that makes it less enjoyable for others. I am glad to see that some game developers take this very seriously but I do feel more need to take it more seriously.
  7. I would have to go for present apocalypse but also past apocalypse as well. Being that I am someone who is quite scared of anything like an apocalypse whether it just be an apocalypse or whether it ends up being a zombie apocalypse, I also have a serious interest in it as well and love to watch things change and become ruins and then built up again. It's a weird one but something I would have to say is my favorite.
  8. The last game I played was Fortnite. I was super excited for the ranked to be released today but they pushed the update back until tomorrow (17th May) so we just have to wait one more day. I would rather wait a day than them release it broken and in a mess.
  9. I read yesterday that the EU has approved the $69 billion deal for Microsoft to acquire Activision so I guess that is one success for Microsoft. As has been said above both America and the UK also have to approve as well but at the moment the UK have blocked it and America have yet to make a decision I believe.
  10. Shortie

    Scream 6

    Had anyone watched this yet? I know it's already been released in cinemas but I can't say that I have heard much about it which is unusual for a Scream movie. Makes me wonder if it was not as good as many expected as usually with a really good movie, you hear about it so much until the hype dies down.
  11. I always remember as a kid, the Bond movies would air quite often on the TV. It would usually be a Sunday afternoon and there would always be a Bond movie on the TV during the afternoon and I would watch it because my dad was watching it.
  12. I know about this TV show, it was one that my mum watched and she really did enjoy when she watched it. Being that I am not someone who likes to watch too much TV and not really someone who watches many TV shows, this was not something that I have watched but the more I hear about it, the more I feel it would be something I would enjoy.
  13. I actually pictured that and laughed out loud! LOL I could just imagine a potato slowly creeping up on someone with a knife and the JAWS music casually playing right before the kill. I any normal movie you would not find that funny but because it is a potato, it's quite hilarious LOL
  14. Growing up with music, it was always something I had going on in my life right from being a kid. With my auntie being a music teacher and also playing the piano and the violin, I grew up to have quite the love for music and would definitely say that I am musically gifted. I have always been a firm believer that bringing someone up around music can help them greatly as they get older.
  15. This is something that is definitely new to me but it does sound interesting and definitely a different take on social media. It's no lie that social media can be bad for the mental health, the amount of times I have had to step away from social media due to my mental health is crazy. I can't say anyone I know uses this at the moment but I may check it out just out of curiosity.
  16. I will admit, the punishment for this is quite excessive and they could have probably take out a far less punishment than they did but when you look at it from Nintendo's point of view, I guess doing this means that they are showing others it will not be tolerated and that they will fire the highest punishment possible if you do break their TOS. Feel for the guy having that much taken but at the same time, it is illegal and it was breaking their TOS.
  17. I find this disgusting if I am honest, the fact that they are able to harass game companies like they are doing because they have used the word Monster in their games is just ridiculous and wrong. So what about any other companies away from gaming who use the word Monster? Not going after them? This is seriously messed up and definitely an act of abuse as they know that game companies will not have the money to as you say, keep going back and forth.
  18. I was just saying around a month or so ago to my daughter how I would love to see a Quidditch game released but one where you can play against others and play online. Suddenly we get this announcement and I am super excited for it. I have put in for the early access so fingers crossed I get that and get to check it out, as a Harry Potter fan, having a game dedicated to Quidditch is something I only dreamed of until now.
  19. The last game I played was Fortnite the other night. Attempting to get through the battle pass before the end of the season. Also just found out announced by Fortnite themselves on Twitter that there is a ranked mode coming as well which I am guessing will be released on Tuesday 16th May as that is their next update day. Super excited for that.
  20. I myself don't tend to watch many video game video's from Jack Black but many have told me that they are great and Jack Black really is one of a kind and amazing! I really do need to catch more of his video game videos myself, I can only imagine how entertaining they are being that Jack Black is well.. Jack Black!
  21. It's always awful to have that one game that ends up resulting in the end of a franchise, especially when you really enjoyed the games and the franchise. If you really enjoy a game you want it to continue releasing more games in that franchise and a lot of the time, it's like the developers no longer want to continue the franchise and not that it just was not popular.
  22. I can't say that I have played a game like that myself where the game wasn't fully finished and had no ending but I have heard other complaining about it in the past with games. It's pretty harsh when you end up paying for a game, excited to play it and then you find out it was never finished and most of the time, you can't even get your money back either. It should not be something that is allowed at all when it comes to releasing a game, if it's not finished, don't release it and take peoples money.
  23. Shortie

    Cricket game

    I have never played cricket but when I was in school we used to play rounders and that was a lot of fun. It was similar to baseball I think in a sense as to where you had to hit bases and try to get home. I remember always being picked to take any extra shots in school in hopes we would win as I could always hit the rounders ball far and run fast enough to get a full round home.
  24. I honestly never envisioned cell phones being where they are now so seeing how much further they will go in the future is really hard to tell. Being that we seem to be seeing flip phones coming back but now with a smart screen is something I never saw coming but I will admit, I am a little dubious about those screens and whether they can withstand being part of a flip phone like they are.
  25. It is true that backwards compatibility isn't hardware related and so can not be something that is an innovative feature but it is still amazing to see that games that were on older consoles are now able to be played on new generation consoles. I only wish they had added more games to the list before they stopped adding them as I feel they missed so many out that would have been amazing to see backwards compatible. I would have to say that peripherals for those who have a disability that allow them to still be able to play video games despite what they may have as a disability is amazing. I have seen people who play video games with their face and that is something I never thought I would see.
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