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The Blackangel

Elon Musk Brings Defamation Lawsuit Against Media Matters

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We are witnessing fascism at work. Musk sympathizes with neo nazis and since he bought Twitter there has been an increase of hate speech, including from Musk himself. This isn't the first time this is happening. The Center for Countering Digital Hate released research showing that there was an increase in hate speech on Twitter. Musk then went and sued CCDH as well. Not only that, but republican Jim Jordan in the House of Representatives has abused his power to subpoena CCDH for it. That is the government, led by a republican, trying to censure free speech rights from independent research. Research is free speech BTW. Jim Jordan is the guy who was nominated for House Speaker after McCarthy was ousted by republicans. Jordan and Fox News threatened the House republicans to vote for Jordan. They used an authoritarian tactic by making public those congress member's private information to intimidate and threaten them to gain their vote. What ended up happening was that those congress member's lives and their family's lives were threatened by MAGA extremists. Jordan ended up losing his votes for Speaker. That all just recently happened a month ago. So you can see how Jordan leans towards fascist authoritarian views. And he is protecting Musk and his social media. Jordan also subpoenaed Mark Zuckerberg when he launched a new social media site called Threads. Jordan is trying to eliminate X's competitors and have only one neo nzi state run social media. Jim Jordan is the guy who has also been trying to obstruct Trump's investigations by going after his prosecutors and trying to criminally charge them, expel them, or defund them. 

So now Media Matters is another group that has released research showing that business ads are next to pro Hitler propaganda, which sparked those companies to stop their ads on X. Musk is now suing them too. And once again, a republican is abusing their power to try and silence free speech rights from Media Matters. Ken Paxton BTW, is the republican investigating Media Matters in Texas. 1st, why the fuck would an attorney general in Texas get involved? That's abuse of power, plain and simple. Paxton is a fascist who also wants a state run neo nzi social media as the only media to be available for the public, that's why. Paxton was under investigation for many years for his corruption. And finally Texas republicans have formed a committee to vote on whether Paxton should be expelled due to his corruption. Turns out Paxton's own wife was one of the republicans voting to keep Paxton as Attorney General. The republicans ended up voting to keep him in office lolol. All that just recently happened as well a couple months ago. Republican corruption runs deep in Texas, and elsewhere, everywhere now actually. 

There is more. Republicans across the board have been getting rid of tenure for professors in universities and dismantling, defunding, investigating any and all university research that has been researching hate speech, domestic threats, hate groups etc. The significance of getting rid of their tenure is that they can now be fired for any controversial research, which is censorship. Freedom of research is free speech rights. Tenure was supposed to protect professors for this very reason because tenure means a lifetime position at your job as a professor where you can't be fired for what you research. 

The irony and projection from Musk runs deep. Musk was accusing of several news media outlets of being state run. So those media outlets have stopped using X. Turns out though that Musk was projecting because his fascist friends in congress and an attorney general in Texas is abusing their power to protect Musk's X platform by trying to silence any independent research that shows a rise neo nazi hate speech on X. That is what state run actually is. Republicans want X to be their nazi state run social media and eliminate all others. This was the whole idea why Musk bought Twitter or X in the first place. It was a guy named Dinesh DeSouza who gave Musk the idea. DeSouza went to prison and was pardoned by Trump. DeSouza then created the film 2000 Mules, which was a bunch of election lies to help Trump. DeSouza then tweeted to Musk telling him to buy a major social media platform in order to censure liberals. And Musk replied to DeSouza 'great idea' on Twitter. Shortly after, Musk bought Twitter. And look where we are now. That was the whole idea, make X a nazi playground. Just look at Musk's symbol 'X'. No doubt over time he's gonna bend the edges of the letter X and make it look more and more like a swastika. That's who he is now. 

Even Musk himself doesn't have a good track record in morality. Just recently he was using shareholder money from Tesla to buy himself a glass house. While Musk is CEO, Tesla is being investigated for widespread racial discrimination. Musk has tortured monkeys in his Neuralink experiments and he even tried to obstruct the investigation. His own family hates him. He's addicted to Ketamine and probably has narcissism. Top that off with Asperger's syndrome, no offense to that mental disorder. But add Ketamine, narcissism, then no wonder he has this eratic vindictive behavior. Musk has sabotaged Ukraine's war efforts. He is kissing up to Russia so he can buy rockets from them. He is meddling in other country's domestic issues trying to radicalize the far right types against their government by claiming immigrants are invading you. He said that to Germany and other countries as well as the USA. He's seriously trying to stir the pot and radicalize people. 

These are dangerous times and I hope those companies continue to leave their ads off of X. Musk doesn't give a shit about free speech. It's all just a victimhood ploy while he and his friends in government are using their power to silence others. It goes to show that free speech absolutism has consequences and companies have their own rights to not post ads next to hate speech. 

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