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Matthew Perry has died at age 54. A new Fallout New Vegas Mod Pays a Touching Tribute

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For a kick off, I understand how late this is, but at the Matthew died on October 28th 2023, the forum was problems and I was unable to post this topic. I post it now because I figured it's better late than never. There is another reason that I ill get to in a moment, but first, to the main point.




So, as I assume most of you know, Matthew Perry passed away earlier this year. Most people will know Mathew Perry as Chandler in the famous 90's/2000's sit-com Friends, but he was also one of us. A geek and a gamer who even voiced Benny in Fallout New Vegas not for a pay check, but because he loved the franchise. We have lost one of our mainstream heroes, a gamer in the limelight who was dedicated to making the art we love be taken seriously. RIP, Matthew.


My second reason for posting this now this is explained by this video:


A new mod called For Matty - A Tribute to Matthew Perry has been created by modder tunnelsnakesfool. The mod adds Benny's Suit, a grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery, a Friends themed re-skin of Benny's pistol "Maria" named "My Friend" and a note featuring a quote from Mathew Perry himself.


Very sweet mod and a great tribute.

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