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Vein - A new survival zombie game, like we need more of those.

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Another day and another zombie survival game that looks like DayZ or some asset flip. There is a new zombie survival game being worked on by Ramjet Studios, called Vein. It's said to be more in line with games like 7 Days to Die and mixes in some elements of Project Zomboid. I don't know what to expect from this. I don't see it being a hit or anything, but maybe it'll be far better than the zombie games we have been getting as of late. 

Story - https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/zombie-survival-game-vein-reveals-upcoming-content-updates-in-new-video

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Ten years ago is was all vampires. That was all anyone could think about. Now it's zombies. I predict werewolves will be next. We have a sickening amount of zombie shit on the market already, which includes too damn many games, and a show that was over by season 3. I wish people would take notice of that. We already have too much of it. Do something else. Something original.

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