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Do you guys do any role playing in popular online games?

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GTA V is huge with role players. I know there are people who actively role play as police officers in a GTA V server, where others can role play as career criminals. They take the role play really serious as well, and will often ban users if they cheat or break rules. 

I don't know if I'm one to do role playing myself, not in the way most people do. I'm not social enough to really get into it like some do. Is it fun? For me I know if I tried it out, I'd have some anxiety about it and would likely quit. I want to try it out though, as I think it could be fun, and could even be a good way to help with my social anxiety and other fears with people. Who here enjoys role playing with people in online video games? What kind of role playing do you do? 

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Yes, I love role-playing in popular online games especially in GTA V! It's a great way to immerse myself in virtual worlds, create unique characters, and go on epic adventures with friends. The creativity and social interactions make it an incredibly fun and immersive experience.

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