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What's the lowest you paid for a rare game?

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Lets say you were at a yard sale and saw an extremely rare game that worth a lot, going for next to nothing. Would you buy it in a heartbeat and leave with a win? Or would you let the person selling said game know what they have? Lets say they have sometime rare, like Little Samson on the NES and they are only asking $5 for it. I think I'd be guilty just paying $5, but I doubt I could afford to purchase a game that could be well over $2000 or more. And in some cases I hear it's worth up to $17,000. So yeah, there would be some guilt if I found a Little Sampson game at a yard sale. 

With that being said, have you ever purchased a rare game from anywhere for cheap? If so, what game was it? 

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I never got the chance to pickup a rare game for a cheap price, though honestly I wouldn't feel guilty buying it at a cheap price. Perhaps that's petty, but it's actually nice when you run into people who don't know what they have so you can get it for a good price. It's even better if it's a game you're willing to flip, honestly it's my dream to find a rare game for cheap.

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