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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

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I don't remember hearing about this, but I guess there is a Tomb Raider 1-3 remaster coming out February 14th, 2024 for PC, Xbox Series S/X, Switch, PS4 and PS5 and will retail for $29.99. It doesn't look like a massive overhaul, but it looks good enough. I wasn't expecting a complete remake or anything crazy like this, but they are adding modern controls. And if you want, you can switch between the old and new control schemes. The same can be said for the graphics, as you can change back and forth between the old polygon style and to the updated version. 

And I just heard that the game is going to have 200 trophies on PlayStation, you can read about that here - https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2024/01/17/tomb-raider-1-2-3-remastered-new-features-trophies/

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As someone who grew up playing the first one as a kid I am super stoked for these remasters! I've been wanting remasters of these games for years and looks like I'm finally getting my wish. I do wish we were getting The Last Revelation and Chronicles too in this line up but I'll take the first three games. I'll be getting this for my PS5, it feels more natural for me to play it on a Playstation console since that's how I played the originals. Plus these remasters will also have the PC exclusive level packs for the first time on consoles! Unfinished Business, Gold, and The Lost Artifact were extra levels only found in the original PC releases of the games.

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