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Third party peripherals that are as better than the original devices

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I'm sure we've all used our share of third party controllers and peripherals for your consoles. I had my share of madcatz controllers, and some other off brand kinds that I've mostly forgotten. I remember always having issues with MadCatz controllers back in the day, but I haven't used anything they've made in probably over 20 years now. I haven't touched any of their new line of peripherals. 

Anyway, I want to know what the good third party peripherals are. Like the Razers of the world. I like what PowerA does with their third party controllers for example. I own their Fusion Pro wired controller. It's a somewhat cheaper alternative to other pro controllers. I purchased two of them, they were originally priced $80, but I think the version I have (For Xbox One), is much cheaper now. 

But the beauty of these controllers is I've never had one issue with stick drift and I've used both controllers for years on end already. Most of the Microsoft made Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers broke down on me over time, but these controllers have stayed strong. The only downsides I've found is that the pro aspect of it isn't that great. It comes with extra buttons and all that fun stuff, but I rarely bothered to use those. As well, one other problem is that it's a wired controller. It is detachable, but has no battery or anything like that. And the analog sticks are made of cheaper material so they started to fall apart. But I got some replacements on Amazon for cheap that have been doing just fine. 

Aside from that. I've used PDP controllers too, which are cheaper alternatives, but made a lot more cheaply. If you want a quick cheap controller, they aren't bad, but their controllers don't last super long. 

So, are there some third party peripherals that you prefer over the original devices? 

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For me, if it's not the original devices, I'm not interested in using it because I know very well that they cannot be reliable for a long. I hate being frustrated when they suddenly break down without any sign. 

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