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Ninja Gaiden

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The Ninja Gaiden series has been around since 1988 and has many different sequels that have been released throughout the years. If you've ever played the series, which game did you start with? Also have you ever played the Sega Master System game that was released in 1992 and was completely different from the NES game? I've only played a bit of the original NES game, and man it's difficult! I'm thinking about giving the Master System game a go and seeing if I can eventually beat that game. I'm currently listening to the OST for the SMS version and man there's some catchy tunes!

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If I remember correctly, I had gotten the Ninja Gaiden trilogy for the SNES and then Ninja Gaiden Shadow on the Gameboy and that's what got me into the Ninja Gaiden franchise. No, I haven't played the Sega version of it. It's a fantastic gaming series with surprisingly deep lore from what I remember of it.

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