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    The last game I played was "Elden Realm,". It is an epic fantasy RPG that will blow your mind . The graphics is top notch.
  2. I remembered that you mentioned it on the other thread but so many people do not know this, so I decided to create a thread on it
  3. Playing Elden Ring on Steam, there is an astonishing feature that you probably won't know about. Steam permits players to keep playing the game on the mobile phone. whether you are away from your work area - whether inside the house or outside, you could keep playing the elden ring on Steam. I haven't try it out but I guess it's worth trying.
  4. I will have to edit it , it was a typographical error. My bad
  5. Elden ring is a video game that is overrated and overhyped in the most overrated and overhyped way possible. If you're looking for something to play on your phone, I suggest you download one of the many other games available. Elden Ring is not worth your time or attention. The controls are wonky, the soundtrack is mediocre at best and even then it's just an advertising jingle for a Japanese mobile game, the story has nothing to offer, and there's no gameplay (just ads). So why is it so popular? I have no idea. It's a game that does not hold up to any professional standards and you would be better off holding your phone up to your face the second you get home from a 7/11, it just does not deserve any sort of success. I tried playing it multiple times, but I just can't. Maybe I'm jaded, maybe I'm too smart for my own good, but this game is just not fun to play.
  6. The collaboration isn't working anymore based on the evolving developments in the gaming world. I am opined that the parties should come out with a better agreement terms rather than the intended separation.
  7. The play station and the Xbox has peculiarities but the Xbox is better than the PlayStation in my opinion. The rationale behind my pick is because the Xbox as a backward compatibility feature. This made it very possible for older games to be played on the console. The games from Xbox 360 could be played on Xbox Series X but the PS3 titles can't be played on PS5.
  8. Xbox, a console that was enjoyed by many gamers recently faced a constraint that isn't CPU, GPU related on its S series. Rather, the developers were encountering a memory constraint on the Xbox series S . Many developers were having difficulties in making games for the console.
  9. The technical director of the famous gaming company, Luminous Engine talked on the improvement on the Forespoken. The improved technology was seen to be very effective on PS5 and the PC versions. It would take a seconds to load on PS5 console and it takes roughly 22 seconds to load on the PC. The time taken to load on the PC depends on the computer hardware.
  10. Splatoon 3 is slated to be released in September 9th on Nintendo. The new game is a classic war mode. 26808630-c242-11ec-957e-993decbec193.webp
  11. It was on the headline that there are Sony PlayStation games that the subscribers could snag for free. The line that you could snag is FIFA22 which was rated the 12 best seller in 2021 and it is limited to PS4 and PS5 version of FIFA22 and this would commence by the 3rd of may.
  12. Apple plan to began a scrutiny on the application softwares that are on the platform. It was made known buy the telephone giant that most of the apps that are not active would be removed on the platform. It was made known that most of the game apps are outdated and needs to be updated.This news made many game developers to keep updating the applications on the app store.
  13. Lens


    Very interesting! I love the way the Web is being climbed. I will love to play it.
  14. The Cobra Kai video game is a karate kid scene. I haven't played the game, but I will like to play it this weekend at my leisure time.
  15. Yakuza 3 on PS3, PS4 is my favourite of the yakuza series
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