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Sony start mandating PSN accounts for Helldivers 2, anger community

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When I tell you that Sony is quickly becoming one of the most dislikeable companies in this space, this is what I'm talking about. I don't know who is making all these crappy decisions at Sony but if they go through with this, they'll effectively kill the game. I'm pissed because I love Helldivers 2 and play it very often with my gaming buddies. What do you guys think about this stupid requirement Sony is trying to implement?


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I feel like the reason Sony has decided to do this is to stop players who were previously banned from the game for whatever reason on one platform from re-joining the game on the other.  Given the game is cross platform, I can actually understand this at least to some extent.  So whilst I think there was no ill intent, Sony have clearly not thought this through.  The fact this might effectively bar people from playing the game because PSN is not available in all countries whare Steam is available a huge oversight.  If this was always the plan, they should have shown people the big, flashing sign with the siren saying "You WILL eventually need to link a PSN account to your Steam account to keep playing" before people bought the game.  That's the part that really bothers me.

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It's over, Sony has walked back this policy. Full story from Gamesradar.


Like I said in my earlier post, I don't believe there was any ill intent intent behind this, Sony just completely failed to think this through.  Well now, they had to learn the hard way.  Glad to see they've listened.

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