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On 10/30/2022 at 2:39 AM, Shortie said:

I have been suspended in the past on Xbox Live for a few days for something I said to someone in a message but that is about it in my case. In terms of knowing someone who has been banned from Xbox Live I do know someone who I used to game with back in 2008-2009 who was banned from Xbox Live due to something he said to someone that was very harsh and I cannot repeat here. I will say he did deserve the ban, but I feel that the person on the receiving end should have also been punished in some way for what they said but it didn't seem to happen. He eventually made a new account and just went from there.

I haven't had my account banned or suspended though and for most times I don't even engage in conversations with other gamers on the platform though I would respond if someone sends me a direct message.

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