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  1. It will continue without rumbling until EA recreates the game to appeals the customers hunger for the remastered version to be introduced.
  2. They simply have their tactics making money off their video games, but they shouldn't make it obvious they are chasing money down the line.
  3. Such is people for you, some dislike FIFA due to bugs, whereas others doesn't care about the bugs surrounding FIFA provided they enjoy the game of soccer.
  4. I understand now, what the new feature of Bluetooth via Ninetendo switch is all about.
  5. That's mystery of life, we can simply come back to what we dislike for life, simply because something tremendous motivated us doing it.
  6. I don't think their is any game I can mention here in which no one here never played. I've played outlast, dead space, resident evil, alien isolation etc, I believe they are popular with lots of gamers here.
  7. It will always be disappointing all the time when I spend huge amount of money simply to find the game unplayable. That's why I prefer buying from an offline store where refund will be activated easier for me than online.
  8. When the review is bad, with lots of reviewers coming into the video game and given it negative sign, it shows me how terrible such video game gonna be.
  9. It's never a nice option to overheat the game, it will be nice to play for some time and take short time off from playing to cool the temp of the console.
  10. Health comes first, you'll only play when your health is stable.
  11. I can simply use 10 mins to complete a single race at MGP or F1 racing games, and achieve satisfaction within such short period of time.
  12. I would love to be first timer via MGP series, but that doesn't matter laughs. Provided that, I get the game I can start from that day to enjoy it's gameplay.
  13. I play all alone since I am staying alone. Earlier time when I stayed with my siblings, my sisters doesn't like gaming but my brother do like it.
  14. Sure, any account using fingerprint is protected from malicious hacking attempts, because the security protocol is strong which can't be bypassed easily.
  15. I am not streaming video games at twitch, I understand they do such for a living there, but I have no such time to spend there to earn.
  16. I simply love my character or protagonist being captured many times by the camera, such is what drives me buying video games because more of the attention will be focused on my own player.
  17. I never really felt pity for any of the characters if any video game apart from my own pro character in the game.
  18. That's why I wouldn't play and use my weapons carelessly shooting when I am not supposed, because I really don't want to risk losing my supplies.
  19. The story around motorcycle GP 21 is well told with easier mission, that's why I am still stuck around the game. It got fantastic graphics, quality background and high image resolution, with well written story mode.
  20. I do use manual, but automatic remains my best pick due to low power supply. Incan decide to play on without saving, unexpected power interruption can disrupt my game progress if I'm going manual.
  21. Their is no hardware components gotten at the moment, but I am hoping to add one any moment from now.
  22. MGP 2021 have been my best for the year. I am simply anticipating the release of MGP 22 to continue the fun time rolling.
  23. Yeah, when you're having fun and financial benefits comes in, won't be motivated to do it all through provided you earn a decent living from it?
  24. Dead space, Resident Evil 7 are simply scary games which I've played in the past that really got me napping.
  25. Yes, most especially those that stream at twitch. The highest I've spent in a day gaming is '15 hours.
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