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  1. xD, I tried getting concrete backing to your question, I couldn't find any concrete information to what you've said. Fortnite isn't a pay to win game actually, but the purchase of the cosmetics items made me think that way. Most of the items are redeemed through 'Gold Bars, which you can claim as you unlock achievements in the game. So, you can use the Gold Bars for upgrades, I was thinking one can purchase Gold Bars with real money too, but it isn't allowed, Gold Bars can be redeemed through in-game achievements.
  2. I'll be waiting for Heatman to reply here, to put an opinion if he's a big fan of that or he isn't. I joined lots them via telegram, but after lots of promises that turned fake, I quickly stayed off to use my time for something better mate.
  3. You don't have the right to condemn my post mate, I chipped in because, I was thinking you're talking about making real money while playing Red Dead online. Because I read through your last comment and dropped my own comment. We are learning everyday here, you aren't perfect, don't try to claim your know it all man, you don't have the right to call my post trash only the mods can do that or the admin of the forum okay.
  4. Celebrities have their mark daily earnings, even if it doesn't come in a static way, but they know their average daily, weekly and monthly earnings. And some game developers might not offer them better contract for voice acting or whatever project they want them to assist on. That's actually what I'm trying to say, so, I wouldn't know why you're lost man. I don't say, the game companies can't afford their pay, but recently they're missing out around video games as we used to see them in the past.
  5. No problem, I wouldn't suggest further, since you're the sole decision maker. I'll be expecting your response prior to what you've suggested here concerning your museum future plans.
  6. Who told you all items in Fortnite are free to get? What happened to the skins, emotes, outfits and some Battle pass items? I didn't say you wouldn't get some items there for free, their are hosts of items free on Fortnite, but not all are free. Fortnite is stated not to be a pay to win game, but yet some users spend close to $2,000 in order to design their character to be exceptional. You can decide not to go for the paid items, it is optional, but you wouldn't get them all for free. Since I'm paying real money for this items, I considered it as a way to drive money from players, and that's an act of pay to win game @kingpotato.
  7. If you've read my posts well, you wouldn't have ranted as you did just now, claiming you know it all. In Fortnite if you don't upgrade to those powerful weapons which you can use your V bucks to get, you wouldn't be challenging with other players and progressing far in the levels. If you read my post well, you'll understand that i said, other items are free to get, and their are others that cost money. When you use money to purchase items in a game to make you progress far in the game, automatically for me, the game is a pay to win game. We complain about other games bringing in micro-transactions to video games, if they aren't about upgrades, we wouldn't be lamenting about the games. So, I've drawn my conclusion already, if you don't care, you can stop replying to my post okay.
  8. If you're a collector, it will be cool for you to build a museum in the future for yourself and drive people visiting your museum and seeing your collections of games and achievements.
  9. If I am a celeb, I wouldn't accept anything less than my daily earnings, at times this video game companies are quite cheapskate, and they don't offer better rewards for celebrities to perform on their game projects.
  10. Exactly, those first time buyers encounter issues if the game is faulty, that's why I'm always aside from purchasing video games during their first time releases.
  11. Yeah mate, they look alike, since I'll be going for this, I wouldn't think about going for the A.C skin anymore. The A.C skin cost extra bucks than this one. So, it will be kinda saved funds for me to use for other items in the future.
  12. They're just everywhere mate, you should be careful with any space you joined there at discord, because most of them can be so ridiculous at the end, just to cun over your hard earned funds.
  13. That's truly hilarious with your last sentence of the post, you don't want to watch the games but you want to know about the scores xD. Football is cool, o understand that, not everyone gonna be in-love with the sports game.
  14. That's correct man, it's Raven skin, I love this skin damn, I'm going for it,it will be an additional skin in the game.
  15. And I'm always patient when it comes to getting any game, I love listening to experience gamers that has played the game to first share me what they know about the game before I proceed to purchasing it or not.
  16. Lol, since you have that extra space for games, it will be cool as well if you add Fortnite.
  17. During my PS2 days when I usually go out with friends, mortal Kombat was the best two man game lol.
  18. With friends, it becomes more fun, I don't play much with Friends, because they aren't always with me. But when ever I'm with them, gaming gets more interesting due to the discussions we'll be sharing while playing.
  19. That means you spent your entire day playing video games. Did you take a rest at all? I wouldn't burn all my day for gaming even if I love the option I chooses to play.
  20. xD, we have mixed opinions on NFTs, yet many are capitalizing on this digital assets, and making reasonable amount of money from them. It is better to shut down on what we can't change, because NFTs will be around for years, I'm not promoting anyone at the moment.
  21. Majority of my time playing video games comes on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't do much activities online or offline that takes much of my time.
  22. Nope, I don't throw alot of money just to buy items to help me progress far in a particular game and unlocking more of the achievements. I rely upon my abilities most of the time and spend little on items I admire.
  23. That's the reason why we are hoping for better FIFA game. The gameplay is letting it down, but the features are sane with the one in reality, maybe when next publishers take over from EA, it will be better.
  24. Fortnite is a pay to win game, for a player to progress far in the game, powerful weapons/items needs to be purchased to equip the character well for each chapter/episode of the game. We have over 1,292 skins in Fortnite, and nine different categories of items, ranging from 'Rifles, Cozy Campfire, medkit, bandages, Shield portion etc. All cost money to use them, some are cost free, but not many powerful items are available for free. How much have you spent so far in Fortnite, getting all the items you use constantly in the game?
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