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  1. Too bad, that's the kind of water I'm talking about, which isn't good, same occurs here in my country. They call it pure water', but when you look closely to the water, you'll see it being unpurified, not good for drinking. That's why I prefer making a drinking water for myself, by boiling it and removing the hardness in the water and make it a good water for drinking.
  2. You talking about your local restaurants right? here in my locality food is too expensive, unless you're either of Jeff or Elon, before you can comfortably spend money on those restaurants to eat quality food. As a salary earner, I can't continue warning down my earnings on those expensive dishes, unless I want to trek for life.
  3. Then, Google shouldn't hesitate to close their games on their store. It is pathetic though, that they are making games with no quality just to milk money from users.
  4. Yes, the narrator, narrated everything according, with simple tenses, that's why I was able to get the real facts. I've corrected the effects of lagging on my PS4, I'm enjoying my game like never before.
  5. It's highly recommended dude, I know it's stressful but since online community is vulnerable I just have to abide by the 2FA security.
  6. I tried to access the original content from the source you brought your topic, but it's broken, I can't access it. To be frank, if such tournament on PS5 gonna be adjustable by anyone, definitely it will make sense no doubt.
  7. I love watching TV, but for the past three years, I never really paid attention much watching TV shows. I can blink my eyes occasionally on TV's, but not something I go to cinema for.
  8. Their are some new movies here in my geography I've paid little attention to, naturally they'll be exciting to sit and watch them, but I never made out that chance to watch them. I'll mention 'Selina Tested movie as the only 2022 movie I've paid attention to watch for longer duration than any other for now.
  9. I don't see any song I don't like at tbe moment, I encourage music, because it isn't easy to bring information to people through melodies. It is rare for me to have negative thoughts over a particular soundtrack, unless the lyrics is so bad, with meaningless sentences.
  10. I could remember when I used to gamble so addictively, I usually take my pen and paper to game hall, just to keep every record of the day on paper. Such record will give me clear information if I'm on a loss side or profit side for that day. Then I'll also take calculations of the matches played, tallying my win percentage to my losses, if their is progress or none, 😂.
  11. Justin11

    Xbox In Japan

    Definitely I wouldn't suggest anything to the company, because my suggestion here wouldn't add anything nor improve them, they're already on a massive growth. Xbox definitely will grow in Japan and rest of the world due to the massive work put in place.
  12. I'm not the owner of playstore, most of the game developers are putting hard work to create beautiful and exciting games. I can't just point out games that took hardwork from the developers to be removed. Unless the game isn't exciting to majority, then majority calls for action to taken, then I'll go for it to be removed.
  13. Most of my audios and videos I am enjoying today comes from YouTube, even in my dreams I'll still choose YouTube. YouTube is very easy to search for any music of your choice or even a movie and watch or play at your convenient time.
  14. What do you mean by uterus? it could be female or male, I don't understand what you meant by that. Please, make me believe by breaking your expression down.
  15. It will be much on me, the restaurant foods are quite expensive here in my demographic of I go for those quality and tasty ones that meets my need. I rather cook those delicious meals on my own and cut down expenses.
  16. Here in my demographic, we call it 'pure water', I don't see much in that pure water bottled water. When you carry out test on the water filled on the bottled water, you'll see contamination in most of them. I prefer boiling water and drinking it later.
  17. That's where I get most of the music I'm playing to date on my devices. I pay attention to those soundtracks on movies and also in-game. When I see the ones appealing to me, I don't joke with them, but save their names to search them later.
  18. - Scorpion King - ( The Rock version ) - George of the jungle - Os Titanic - Mr Bone
  19. How will I get upset when the police isn't doing their job well. It is the job of the police to regulate sounds people play on their cars while driven. I love music, but I can't play at the loudest when I know it will disturb others hearing, I'll put it on a moderate volume.
  20. Doesn't it really matters? I think when I'm dead, it's just over for me. I can't even my favourite games anymore, since I'm brainless, even if I take my favourite series 'MGP, or any of the GT game, it wouldn't mean much to me.
  21. I can't even pay up to two secs of my attention to what doesn't add value in my life. I love gaming most especially car racing, and I enjoy playing football. But when some persons in my neighborhood see me enjoying this two things they'll ease drop that I dedicate most of my time doing something that doesn't reward with money. I don't talk back nor feel back, because all we do is doing something we take derivatives on, pleasing our soul and nothing much.
  22. I don't know what my mom rubbed on my face that is so hot in my face, I couldn't withstand the flame, I ran into the shower, poured enough cold water in my body when the rain was falling deeply just to quench the beat it poses on my face. All because I was feeling headache, that was the worst 20 mins of my life this year. But after that, I felt so better and my headache disappeared, but I vowed not to use such again. I don't want to be suffering to treat a health Issue.
  23. I remembered my calf problem I encountered as a result of playing soccer. I know how difficult it was, I suffered two years of calf injury problem, I couldn't last long again during training/match period due to the injury. I am happy that such injury setback is behind me, now I am enjoying my football like never before.
  24. In the past when DNA test wasn't common, our great grand parents here in Africa can flirt, and they'll conceive having several affairs outside the marriage and bring it to the true husband being responsible for pregnancy. That's weird, since no DNA test, no proof to whom the child belong to.
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