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Where To Find Fallout 76 Alien Blaster And Rusted Key

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  In Fallout 76 game, the Alien Blaster is hidden in a location that is not marked on the map by any landmark. The approximate place is out in the wastes of the Toxic Valley region in the north side of the map. Once approaching there, you can find the  Alien Blaster by doing little more than some exploration. The exact location of the Alien Blaster is in a safe that's been blown open in a radiated lake. Below is a map shows the general location of the weapon, and the second image below you will see the safe sitting in the water in the game of Fallout 76.



  That safe is wide open and of course, you do not need lock picking skills to get inside. In Fallout 76 game, just get a little wet and then you can look inside the safe to get the Alien Blaster. In the safe box, it has the weapon, as well as a rusted key, and a burnt book.

  In Fallout 76 Game The Location Of Alien Blaster:

  For the Alien Blaster you found in this safe has a damage output of 14, Accuracy of 75, Fire Rate of 100, and Range of 120. As long as you have farmed Fallout 76 caps, own this weapon would be very easy, cause it only costs 62 caps. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the Blaster itself doesn't have any Alien Blaster rounds to go along with it. So you will need to find some of those all by yourself.

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