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How Controversy Can Bring Innovation in Competitive Games

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A lot of people think that eSports comes with rules set in stone. This is false, especially with games like Super Smash Bros. eSports are a niche that continues on evolving and a lot of people don't notice this kind of growth. There have been many controversial matches in Super Smash Bros. history that have brought new rulesets and also resulted in the biggest cases of someone being angry and feeling completely cheated out of a game.

But, this is the way that we learn and grow as a competitive game. So long as matches as this exist, people will learn how to further evolve and adapt the game.

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It is kind of silly to expect people to get from the beginning the rules that will work on everything. There will always be new situations that were not placed into consideration before and being able to recognize them and adapt is very important to keep the scene fresh and fair. People pre[pare really hard for these competitions and you don't want as a viewer nor them as the participants to feel cheated out of their places. 

For people like me, not too much into competitive fighting like that, many of those rules might seem a bit too strict but most of the times are because I ignore what type of unexpected play brought them into action. Even when a rule is brought up to prevent a past controversy, the new rule might need to go through a few matches of trial and error to ensure it is not restricting more than what it is trying to preserve. 

Patches and new techniques make it a necessity to keep reevaluating rules and making sure they still apply. 

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