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Nintendo Switch Lite Having Drifting Issues

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I've just seen that the Nintendo Switch Lite is having the same ongoing issue of Joy-Con drift. People are apparently experiencing issues with it after only having played 20 hours on the new Lite console and this is a bit of an issue as the Joy-Cons can't be replaced on the Lite unlike the original console. I was hoping Nintendo would have fixed this issue for the Lite but it looks like they haven't resolved it. Drifting occurs when the pin on the control stick becomes worn and this then causes the Switch to detect movement without the stick being touched.



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I saw a couple of videos of discussion about this case, it doesnt seem to be a common issue on the Switch lite, it appears that it was only affecting a few users which is within the normal expectations. Still in retrospective if the actual joycon stops working on the Switch lite that will mean a huge investment in repairing the joystick and from personal experience they dont always work well after even after having it repaired, in contrast with the normal switch you can just buy another joycon controller to replace it.

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