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  1. Of all the openworld Games I've played. (I just got the Witcher 3 yesterday and I havent played it as of yet)I might be missing a few -Skyrim -GTA V/San Andreas -Horizon Zero Dawn -Spiderman ps4 -Batman Arkham city -GTA 4 -Read Dead Redemption -GTA Vice city/ GTA 3 -Fallout New Vegas -Borderlands 2 --Assassins creed 4 Black Flag -Lego Marvel Super heroes (it was actually fun xD) -Burnout Paradise/Need for speed Underground 2/ Midnight club 3 -Xenoblade Chronicles -Bully -DON’T STARVE -Saints Row 3 -Watch dogs
  2. Sadly the only Merchandise I have is a poster of God of War 2 that I have own since I was 14.
  3. Spyro on the gamecube was very bad, I dont remember the name, something about dragonflies
  4. As longs as people keeps buying micro transactions they will keep doing it, but to be fare the game was not a full priced at release. Now on the other hand adding micro transactions to a 60 dollar release game like COD... now thats being greedy.
  5. Well in Apex defense nobody knew it was coming so there was no hype previous the release of the game, but the game kinda fade off recently.
  6. The sun is punishing us for our sins!!! yeah its getting very hot over here 😆
  7. Long Tutorials, I just hate tutorials, specially if the game has a big learning curve, I somehow rather learn by playing than having to go through a long tutorial. One of the main reasons why it took me a while to get into Monster Hunter.
  8. I will wait until The Elder Scroll 6 comes out, Sony already said that they will keep the PS4 alive by publishing some PS5 games in the ps4 so I dont have a reason to get a new console until TES 6 comes out.
  9. It really is, if we think about it more, I believe we always had this default view of ourselves in videogames.
  10. Just got The Last of Us ❤️ and The Witcher 3 , Im still skeptical about this one thats why I skipped the complete edition.
  11. Favorite Videogame ? only pick one
  12. SpongeBob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom remastered 🤘
  13. COD always, Battlefield is good but COD is has a faster gameplay and thats what I enjoy the most.
  14. Broccoli, but strangely only if they are steamed
  15. True, except some N64 games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask, I feel that those games havent aged that bad. But yeah looking back most of the early 3d games are very bad nowadays, one good example will be Golden Eye 64.
  16. Uh that movie for me is a 7/10.
  17. Dead Space 2, damn this game is scary as hell.
  18. Playing some Borderlands 2 to loot and explore
  19. I will agree on that, I liked the Wind Waker a lot, even if it was cartoonish the fact that I have to travel to island to island on a boat just ruins the game for me, the same can be said for Skyward sword, the fact that I have to go flying back to town to upgrade my weapons or to buy resources is very boring and it takes a lot of time.
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