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  1. That one is not bad as many people claim, its just very cryptic
  2. Oh yeah I did played Aria of sorrow and Dawn of sorrow on the DS but SOTN was the one I enjoyed the most.
  3. True, games with a heavy story dont need to rely on decisions fron the gamer , like God of War for example or as you mentioned TLOU.
  4. True I,'ve heard about that law, I think there was even a guy who owned a tank and he rented it for proms and stuff like that. Also I believe they have to add rubbers to the continuos track.
  5. True, you dont need to die on purpose if there is a lot of checkpoints or autosave , but there are games like this where there is no way to progress whitout being fully prepared.
  6. True , it had that weird vibe to it and funny at times but it always felt like Rockstar didnt took real advantage of the setting of the game.
  7. Decisions that affect the outcome of the game. I understand that most games implement this in someway or another but the fact that your decisions have real consequences with in the game is something that I would like to see in most games, instead of the generic/neutral good guy we tend to encounter.
  8. Never in my life I have paid someone else to do the grinding for me, well except one time when I convinced my little cousin that there was a mission in Pokemon where he had to kill 100 pokemons in the grass with my Dratini, I needed to level that pokemon asap xD
  9. I havent played this game either.
  10. kingpotato

    Stadia and XBOX?

    Stadia and Xbox are not related my friend
  11. The real question here is, who cares about the ESRB? XD The ESRB never stopped me from playing GTA when I was 9 years old.
  12. I remember playing Bully back in the ps2, it was an odd game, there are news saying that Bully 2 actually existed and was playable but the project was scrapped by rockstar. What are your thougts about Bully or are you expecting the sequel?
  13. It was actually a very good movie, and there has been a lot of controversy from the media because many people say that the movie could inspire more shootings. What do you guys think of this? My opinion is that a movie will not affect a decision of a mass shooter.
  14. Plans for Halloween?
  15. Here is something we havent talked about. The protagonist of The Avengers "game" are NOT the Avengers, it will be Mrs Marvel the girl that makes her hands big.... from all the hundreds of characters from the Marvel Universe and even the ones on the actual title of the game they choose this girl.
  16. Wasnt that like a super rare cartridge that had a 200 dollar price?
  17. They might prefer to do retrocompatible digital games only
  18. Unpopular opinion here I didnt liked the original castlevania games that much, they are good but the only one I actually enjoyed was symphony of the night. I've never played a 3d castlevenia game as well.
  19. We need a new Castlevenia game, even if its a 2d scroller like Symphony of the night.
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