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The top 5 Battle royal games for PC 2019

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Battle Royale is a genre of online gaming that has contributed significantly to the total growth of the industry. This genre of games involves multiple players who engage in various tasks and combats in a “last man standing” adventure. Let’s take a look at the top 5 battle royale games for PC in 2019.


Before going into details and singling out the top 5 battle royale games for PC in 2019, some details are important to note. Like the fact that this kind of game can be played between dozens and even hundreds of people at the same time. The possibility of playing online also means that players can play together despite being in different parts of the world.


The games that make our list of the top 5 battle royale games for PC in 2019 are listed below: https://medium.com/@bluebaikalproject/the-top-5-battle-royale-games-for-pc-in-2019-7a7fa040f064

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