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  1. I got few digital downloads free. I also got few accessories like laptop cooler and stuff. But christmas is time for my digital downloads.
  2. Imagine such game teaching socialism with jesus as center in it. funny but possible.
  3. I do think that money can fix anything though, if kojima and konami plans something big and has money in it. who knows.
  4. Check out Fishing Life on android. The game is extremely calm. You catch fish and there are some good sounds in the background.
  5. Must be old Gods of Olympus game.
  6. Not a fan of religious games to be honest.
  7. Anyone tried to survive the dodged grenade in any game?
  8. I feel even the Sekiro this year was kind of like 90s game type except some graphic improvements.
  9. Age of mythology if I didn't mentioned earlier, is something i wish to even play in 2020.
  10. No man's sky is good enough for the starters but after some time it does get boring.
  11. Looks cool to me. I think in near future we would find similar stuff on AR.
  12. Yes the emulators have to adopt to new CPUs and also have to deal with the android changes as well.
  13. skyfire

    Heroes Arena

    A lot of rip offs will die. Including the heroes arena, mobile legends and many others who are already on android.
  14. Yeah that exactly what I meant earlier.
  15. skyfire

    Stadia and XBOX?

    Sure not related. I was referring to stadia's capacity to use the xbox or any other console at the same time as that's one of the features of stadia that it allows use of multiple devices.
  16. Hexen looks cool if they make sequel like DOOMs current graphics, that would be cool.
  17. I heard some good reviews of the PSPlay. Have you tried that?
  18. skyfire

    Heroes Arena

    I recently got myself into this MOBA game and it is kind of pretty much copy of the league of legends including the characters. It is fun to play the game though despite being the slow and rip off type.
  19. While searching for something different to play. I came across this trailer. And also found this game odd. Not sure if this game is good enough to play. Just heard some bad reviews about it though. Check out the gameplay.
  20. I watched the gameplay and also the trailer. It seems like a good game. And for those who like playing duo type character change while moving through story. I think in such case you can play either one of them at any time. Check the walkthrough.
  21. As long as I have some free time. Things just work out for me. After that I guess I tend to play slow mostly these days.
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