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  1. These days a lot of games have this lofi type of the music which is a mix of instrumental house music, it's fun listening to them.
  2. Square enix has one more turn based strategy game here, with pretty much new graphics type that I didn't expected they would add up. Check out the trailer.
  3. Scifi theme meeting the 3D action adventure in this game. Looks pretty cool, though graphics is a bit chaotic.
  4. Narrative based games are kind of fun to explore. Here's new one to check out.
  5. Speaking of tycoon type of games I forgot the prison architect.
  6. There are lot of external guides for the same though. In game guide is not enough often especially when you drop in a lot of modules from external developers.
  7. Unless price and the monthly game reveals part is cleared between the two, it's still too early to say if it would compete with xbox.
  8. Some of the times selling to big company and exiting is also good for the small brands because taking on giants is often unnecessary churn.
  9. It is a hard game plus there are no health bars to show you that boss is defeated. Take example of that carrot monster boss, it just keeps on going.
  10. Yes PUBG, Fortnite all of them have bots otherwie having too many of that number of people online is hard.
  11. GOG has been putting up some good stuff too. I often keep tab on EPIC and GOG.
  12. Tycoon series of the games and the simulators are the best even today. They can be fun when you have time to burn.
  13. I have the lite version of the PUBGM and lately I have avoided playing the game because of same maps and toxic players with nothing new.
  14. I don't install minecraft anymore mostly use the pocket edition. And the web browser edition is also out but not much active in there.
  15. skyfire


    I have been following the makers for some time now and I kind of liked this gameplay too. Though I should share here.
  16. This one is about making the rocket pieces into one place and then letting the rocket out. a bit slow burn game if you ask me.
  17. skyfire


    I don't think this one sucks, I feel it has pretty different game design. Just not your type perhaps.
  18. skyfire

    Clash of Clans

    Besides the game servers mostly has bots now and not a lot of real players active there.
  19. I think often you don't get the sale for most phones as android is not often installable on many old phones. So getting linux or other stuff to install and use is the only option.
  20. I have 128 GB of the base space and also 64GB on my phone so holds most of the games except MOBA which kind of takes like 50 or so GB itself.
  21. Same here. I think I mostly google these days despite having the manual. for some reason I lost trust on the paper based manuals.
  22. The makers have explained how they made the game and also pretty nice gameplay in 11 minutes.
  23. Yes I suppose it's one weekend worthy game. I doubt a lot of us would come back again for this game.
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