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  1. I think judgement of skin owner or box item owners passing it on F2P players has been pretty common in industry too.
  2. I think they need only multiplayer games where they can take regular income out each season. i doubt they would make this much money each session of season.
  3. Studio game developers are greedy and not just loot boxes but also other means have been affecting the industry.
  4. Yeah it was having the features of both and so I am not surprised either. Some of the time you can say that things like this are of that type which is kind of fun in game but takes us by surprise.
  5. Yeah youtube is pretty strict and also the they filter the videos by human reviews too lately.
  6. I'd say the childish approach is purposefully because mind experiments more childish is better. for example, do you know you would have more impact with games like little nightmares than PUBG?
  7. skyfire


    Yeah think of it like something tried outside the no man's sky type but with different approach and purpose.
  8. skyfire


    I think it's a good thing that some games are addictive but it just not meant for me anymore. I like less attachment in the games I play for new stuff and experience.
  9. And that being a brand they have kind of obligation to be on all the platform.
  10. No idea. We don't have any such here in this side. But who knows I am not going to be surprised if this kind of thing is used with the help of apple.
  11. They have good apps but watch out with fake apps or apps with too many ads. most of the time such apps kind of fester into such app stores.
  12. Yeah with bots I think it's not worth playing because it's too much artificial and things just don't work out in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Huwei you mean? Yes they do have good products but they are super spies as in they literally log even your keystroke. so unless you are chinese or middle eastern you would be hard pressed to trust them with your pocket.
  14. Yeah I can definitely see the TRON being used in most of the games but it's sad case for now. I hope to see other currencies if that works out.
  15. skyfire

    Until Dawn

    Think of it as an experiment, you would find more value out of such game that offers more choices instead of mechanically landing you to ending.
  16. I think when they made Nero (his nephew) they purposefully used the winter soldier like persona of dante to make it appear different otherwise dante in the game is pretty much flawless art.
  17. I feel RPG has their own space but they are played by people who like them. stardew valley has plenty of users isn't it?
  18. Kind of feels like NFT games that are going on in the market. artificial inflation of price.
  19. Think of lootboxes as a means to distribute games good features and keep the game in a play to win scenario with that. so this way both paid gamers and the game wins.
  20. Not just belief but even the employees admit that the code is just repetition. EA recently moved to new graphics engine so no idea if this continues.
  21. Yeah watching the gameplay and also the commentary based gameplay opens up pretty much everything in the game.
  22. Yeah I never touch sports game much so not a lot of idea for small devices.
  23. Yeah youtube is pretty strict. some cat videos where the fight gone out of hands is labeled under adult and 18 plus rating due to cat violence without blood.
  24. Pretty much old news. I think we discusssed the news in the forum multiple times.
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