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  1. So far I have purchased a hero in mobile legends and also did the recharge to support the developers. But I have yet to spend it on stupid things. I purchased hero because I wanted one for my gameplay. And it was a good experience to be honest to play with that hero. Have you purchased anything on Android Google play store?
  2. Not sure about the religion angle, considering church had it's own share of the deception and taking money off people in the name of tether. So yeah it's pot calling kettle and all that.
  3. I can honestly say 62k can get you a land and a car too. I am not sure how people ignore the power of anything over 50k. I mean some people have that as salary for 2 years worth of work.
  4. First two. The first for references which made me like the Rapture more. And also it had lot of things worth exploring if the game script writers decides to do so. I was attracted to Rapture because I was always had this fantasy of either under the sea colonization or the deep space colonization. So such concepts are favorite to me.
  5. I remember arcadia being reference to the center of the earth world where magic resides. That reference was in another game and also anime movie.
  6. RPG or some fantasy or even those economics based tabletop games.
  7. Darkness 2 definitely should fall into short games category. I mean many of us expected more.
  8. skyfire

    Intel or AMD

    I think Ryzens success would definitely make Intel lose a lot of customer and we can expect Intel to bring in some new changes in their own lineup.
  9. Yes and that is much better approach too. Like you know what your system is capable of running. And you can add remove as required.
  10. skyfire

    Apple for Gaming?

    Yes I thought too. I think modern games may not be interested for the current apple platform considering the limited potential of earning. But I thought in past they must had the gaming community.
  11. skyfire


    Some of my relatives have those old boxes from 80s and 90s. Some still continue to function if you have decent power supply and stabilizer at home.
  12. This is one reason I am giving up on many MOBA games too.
  13. I mentioned the bioshock before, it's a must because of the rapture. That place is just breathtaking if they remake it someday only for that place.
  14. Never played that but heard of the game. Must be a fantasy place.
  15. I have noticed empathy among board game players. They tend to be more safe than the PUBG players.
  16. Yeah I mean people who spend a lot of on loot boxes, skins and the weapons, kind of put other gamers in bad situation.
  17. I have yet to play the 2nd. I kind of liked the trailer too. So yeah may get my hands on the game.
  18. Yes and also the new sponsors and potential new opportunities with streaming event etc. I think there must be a lot of gap they noticed.
  19. skyfire

    Apple for Gaming?

    I don't know if people make use of the apple devices for gaming.I have never seen anyone make games out of the apple hardware and OS. It seems like there are many such options out there with PC and console. Never noticed anyone investing into apple. Considering they are already expensive. Do you think apple hardware is being used for gaming?
  20. I see many mobile games are free of cost and they are making the skins and characters as way ton generate the revenue. So it seems like the games are relying on other variables for the sales. I know for sure that new skins and the characters can be a good money generating option. Instead of making pay to win, it's better option with all the hoopla around lootboxes as well. What do you think about those things about this changing wave of mobile game companies?
  21. I also checked one board game on android. I have yet to finish it, I may review it here in another thread if possible.
  22. I think I remember recently someone made those clash of clans and the league of legends type card games. I think most of the Korean games on android are like that.
  23. The way at which this is going on, I don't think it will be fixed at all. we would most likely be thrown in the scenarios of war and other stuff. that is the fix for the current generation being entitled and damaging.
  24. I think guy must be some sort of rich gamer or some sort of the youtube creator with money in hand. I blame such gamers for making the game industry like this.
  25. I think organizers must be interested in making the most out of the event. So yeah it may surely have lot of changes including how they market the brands participating too.
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