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  1. Now that we are in 2020. Lets talk about modern warfare of the 2019 and also the mobile game which got prety much popular.
  2. For some reason I tend to clear the log of my games during vacation. These days lockdown times also makes me want to play those games.
  3. I hope they make the PC version of the game.
  4. Yeah art style is so classic. I love artists who make those type of the vintage cultural art.
  5. If you are not massive fans of the star wars franchise, then its hard to like the battlefront games.
  6. Wow looks like a good game. I am sure many people who like 90s type of the games, they are going to love it.
  7. Looks like a good game. Based on the trailer it seems like something I'd enjoy for sure.
  8. Not something I'd play but I know few of my friends may like the game.
  9. I think I personally am waiting for remake or some sort of remaster and sequel of the nightmare creature.
  10. One of my friend and relative used to play the game. I never found much interest in it.
  11. Now that we are getting closer to summer and also too many people locked down in a place without AC. Cooling the console is a task.
  12. Humble Bundle and the Steam are two good places worth buying from.
  13. It will be made in due time. I think they will follow the order in which they launched game.
  14. New tweet from the gears of war account shows the WWE superstar in the game. You can check out the tweet below.
  15. There is a tweet from the official deadpool account on the fortnite event.
  16. So the list of the games available next week are revealed. You can check the list of games here. https://www.cnet.com/news/trio-of-free-games-worth-45-is-available-for-download-at-epic-this-week/
  17. I have kind of lost hopes for most of the game. Be it even the Cyberpunk. And DLC of many other games.
  18. The thing about Vita is that support died long time back. yet some of the ebay users sell it and also some stores have it.
  19. I think we can't expect much now things are a bit in bad shape as of now.
  20. GOG Store. This was the link I was referring to. https://www.gog.com/partner/stay_at_home
  21. If any one of you own Dreams then you can also make use of the same engine to make something.
  22. Nothing beats MK and Injustice series. Those are the classic in the fighting games now.
  23. 1992 version of the game is also pretty cool.
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