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  1. All the time. I think time it takes to finish certain games or even spending hours on them is kind of addictive and sometimes taking break out of it is worth it. Then come back again refreshed play and finish it.
  2. I remember doing the mining in past but now a days I can't afford to spend the money on electricity bills. So just spend the money wisely. I can tell you internet in past used to be liberal here but not much so lately.
  3. Origin of the developer does not matter. I am kind of sucker for stories. I like having a good story worth playing than the setup of the story like it's geo location.
  4. I like the time loop concept and so thought I should share this. Anyone who like such scifiish origin for most game would definitely appreciate the same.
  5. I think this is still low considering the people who wanted to buy the PS 5 could not as we have pandemic, job loss and also a lot of people are saving money lately more and more.
  6. Yes kind of similar and the game is on switch. Not sure if it is on android and PC though. A lot of switch exclusives are not on PC and android which is a shame.
  7. One thing that makes me wonder though, do they lose if they open the game in open source. I am sure community can take over and do something with it.
  8. I think assassin's creed has a lot to explore like those locations, market and small detail in it. Kind of makes you feel things are worth exploring.
  9. If we consider those broken pixel like animation then I guess Roblox fits the similarity but the game is completely different.
  10. No... it was kind of like creep out or something like that. I will go through list if I have it added. It was not season of black mirror because in this show at the end there was some errie kid figure that was keeping eye on every narrative.
  11. I kind of use more laptop so I keep it off once the work is done. This way I can use it for longer period too. I know for sure that turning off PC is kind of necessary especially if there is too much heat.
  12. There is also factor of the money to be made from the transactions. PUBG makes more on the PC and mobile. And compared to most of the console games, this type of approach makes more money for developers.
  13. Their first party in house game development is already dead. https://9to5google.com/2021/02/01/google-shuts-down-first-party-stadia-games-entertainment/
  14. I miss dreamcast. A lot of games on it I have now moved to the PC simulator. I think it's kind of fun to play those simulator games too.
  15. Considering Flash is now dead and the games are more or less easier to make than in past. I guess in near future a lot of PC games would replace those flash games.
  16. I like nintendo and xbox related stuff a lot of good games are there with this platform. I think compared to PS they do have more variety too.
  17. I think they did everything right except the community and the user part. The game was pretty good. It is kind of sad that such projects die like this. I guess they should open source the code for the game now.
  18. I remember the time when we had the frequent power cut and it was not a good experience to be honest. I hope that post pandemic we don't get that time back. It was horrible if you ask me.
  19. I think stardew valley is kind of similar though not in terms of graphics but everyday stuff is into that and it is one good game on that context. it has pretty good minecraft like survival and routine creative stuff in it.
  20. I loved that show, there was recently another show on netflix with similar story type approach. And they too have made an impression I wonder if some of such TV series make games too that would surely add in creepy factor and create new genre.
  21. So the premise is the time loop where you have to see the solar system collapse and also retain the information before the collapse and then build the stuff for survival after the collapse and moving on from that. Each reset kind of puts you through new assignment. So the game seems like time reassignment type. Not sure if everyone would like this constraint but yeah worth taking a look.
  22. I used the word giveaway as a means to show the tender type deal. Often those deals are time limited hence the word giveaway. It was not meant as same as some prize money or so.
  23. If you like tactical RPG then you can definitely find this game interesting. The game is made by the Square Enix. The game is releasing for the switch and you can check out the trailer.
  24. If you like fantasy games, then you may find this game pretty interesting on the switch console. They have recently released the trailer for the game.
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