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  1. I just tried the Dragonball : Kakarot demo. It seems like controls are improved than previous games.
  2. For me this seems to happen in many games. In fact I have started watching youtube videos for some of those games for this reason.
  3. The new season is out on the update. It contains - Battle pass season 3, Battle Royale Mode, Multiplayer mode changes. It seems like they are taking on PUBG in their own way.
  4. I think as we move more towards Kojima like depth gaming. It becomes harder to ride on the trendy games.
  5. I think weekend these days are more or less stressed for me. Lot of things come out on me and it becomes harder to handle.
  6. The new trend of the auto IDLE RPG kind of kills this though. They completely keeps you off the map controls and fight controls these days.
  7. I think GTA has history of doing better than it's earlier versions.
  8. I think Japanese content usually get censored due to intimacy mode. I remember Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal had that axe on them for this.
  9. No idea about emulator specific in such case but there seems to be a lot of links on the DOS BOX if you want to play anything classic.
  10. I think DMC 4 the Nero and Dante ending the last monster and then uniting with the girl was a good ending.
  11. I think sometimes when the work stress is a lot I tend to prefer to stay out of the games.
  12. I am these days playing a lot of age of empires and mythology these days.
  13. Noticed one thing in their decision? They consider their own FF game low key over cyberpunk lol.
  14. Yeah kind of noticed that they may be having too many things on plate it seems.
  15. I was checking some of such similar physics games on humble bundle. I think if those indie developers get enough boost on creative side, we can see some really good games.
  16. I think GTA and some of the FF games too have their shares of similar such issues.
  17. God of War gets my vote too. I think witcher was good too. I am surprised though many lists have "last of us" and "days gone" and "metro exodus" in top 5.
  18. Legends of Runterra
  19. This game is new action platformer and side scrolling. Though arcsys, seems to have got the graphics. You may want to check out the gameplay of Code Shifter.
  20. I think apart from realistic, you may find that graphics of this level you may find the VR and AR games too.
  21. I think there are mixed reviews based on how some people had found bugs.
  22. I think network capabilities are already better though you need to have strong internet.
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