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Why Until Dawn is the game for the non-gamer in your life

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My wife isn’t a gamer. The only games we played together over the past 7 years of our relationship were LittleBigPlanet, Overcooked and Mario Party. Those games only captured her attention for maybe 30 minutes before she got bored and started scrolling on her phone.

Finding PS4 games we could both enjoy proved to be a challenge. She prefers to watch Law & Order: SVU or some serial killer documentary on Netflix. I like horror and fantasy.

So when I discovered a review of Until Dawn on Youtube, it felt like the perfect game for us. In this interactive horror game, you try to keep eight teens alive as a maniac stalks them outside a mountain lodge the following winter after two of their friends disappeared in a blizzard.

Until Dawn was right up her alley – there’s crime, mystery, a killer on the loose and a satisfactory twist at the end. Better yet, our decisions determined whether certain characters would live or die at multiple points in the story.

Full review: http://gyglounge.com/until-dawn-murdering-teenagers-made-wife-gamer/

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I liked the game, but man did I suck at it. I think I ended up with Two survivors in the end after making a couple of stupid mistakes.


These's a number of these types of games that I would refer to as "Interactive Narratives" been getting very popular the last few years and I really enjoy them. Telltale games (Like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Batman), the Life is Strange series, Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain to name a few. They vary in styles, story genres, concepts and plot, so which one appeals to you depends on your (and your wife's) own tastes. Based on what I read in your post, I might recommend Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Telltale's The Walking Dead in particular, but Life is Strange is my personal favourite for me.

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