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Reality vs Adventure

Political Ramifications of new consoles

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In today's climate with the fall of democracy and rise of the Nazis, our gaming will definitely change. Trump has attacked China based TikTok, and now attacking Fortnite. Corruption goes hand in hand with dictators, so that means tax dollars will be stolen and placed into hand picked companies just as we have already seen in bailout money. Fly by night cheese cracker companies will get government assistance to out compete the big gaming industry like Sony, Microsoft. It will be Nazi American made instead of Japanese. And since they want to control media, your future Nazi console will have limited variety of games. It will be tailored to suit the government approval of your entertainment. Sony and Microsoft will be forced to comply or get weeded out. 

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North American carbon copy of North Korea. Adolf went so far out of his way to fuck up the US as much as possible, that I worry whether we’re too far gone to ever be fixed.

1) No allies left.
2) The economy is destroyed.
3) No response to Covid except denial.
4) Government corruption worse than any other time in American history.
5) Lack of response to natural disasters.

And dozens more thanks to Adolf.


To sum it all up:

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And trump appointing that crazy guy in charge of CDC now with russian ties. He claims shadows move around his ceiling, hit squads are after him and load up on ammo against liberals. The guy is now on leave of absence for 60 days from his craziness. 

Let's see: Presidency is compromised

Attorney General is compromised

3rd supreme court appointee (he's gonna choose a crazy QANON) just watch

FBI is politically pressured

CDC is compromised

EPA is compromised

Post Office is compromised

ICE is compromised

Senate is compromised

How many governors are compromised?

Multiple people from this administration arrested and imprisoned

Schools are gonna become Hitler Youth due to 1776 commission as the gateway

The sciences are gonna be obliterated except for illegal experimentation as we now see in ICE forced sterilization

And I do believe we are Fucked





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